Scrambled megs
Steve Storz of Storz Performance never met an XL he didn’t want to morph into an XR, and as part of that crusade the company designed, in conjunction with BUB Enterprises, these Storz/BUB High Pipes for the Nightster. But don’t be misled by the name. These dirt-track inspired beauties will install on any 2004–present Sporty, both carbureted and fuel-injected, and give the machine a heady dose of stepped headers, tapered megaphones, and billet aluminum end caps as well as some convincing scrambler panache. Exhaust report is reportedly “mellow but powerful” and heat shields on the headers should keep them looking pristine. This system is available in either chrome or black and sells for $965.
Storz Performance   805.641.9540
Cosmetic touches
If you’re seeking a flawless exterior on your late model Harley-Davidson, you probably already know where those little trouble spots are; you already know that the O2 sensors on the exhaust pipes look a little raw, and so does the neutral light indicator terminal on top of your six-speed transmis-sion. Sure, they’re minor imperfections, but you know how it is: Once you’ve noticed them you have a hard time overlooking them. That’s where these Drag/ Hotop Designs cover-ups come in right handy. For $69.95 you can get a pair of O2 Sensor Covers to slip on over those eyesores, and for an additional $39.95 you can have a Neutral Switch Cover to hide that blemish. Perfection rarely comes so cheap.
Drag Specialties
Two for the road
As sexy and accessible as Harley’s Nightster and Sportster XL883L models are with their slammed rear suspension and corresponding low-slung saddle height, when you load them up with a passenger or a lot of gear they can prove jarring at times over rough pavement. To address that state of affairs, and make both bikes more road-ready under heavy-hauling circumstances, The Motor Company has introduced the Two-Up Low Rear Shock Kit. This kit consists of a pair of heavy-duty shock absorbers that increase the comfortable load capacity of the machines while retaining that low-down profile. These chrome-bodied units can be dialed in for conditions and handling preferences by means of adjustable spring preloading, and the retail price is an easily absorbed $184.95.
Split decision
If you’re building up a custom and have decided to go with a combination drive sprocket/caliper/brake rotor—or “sprotor,” in the custom parlance—to keep things tidy mechanically and visually, the engineers at George’s Garage have an ingenious new design they want you to consider. Called the GG Sproter, this device features a caliper that splits in half, making it adaptable for use on either side of the axle, and making brake pad replacement a relative breeze compared to other units on the market. The caliper is CNC machined from tough T6061 billet aluminum, and finished in either chrome or black anodized. The sprocket/rotor is stainless steel and of 48-tooth configuration for use with 530 chains. Top-drawer brake pads are included in the $799.95 retail price.
George’s Garage   909.843.7043
It’s all about the O
They call their outfit Designz, and they are a cadre of dedicated custom part designers of the female persuasion with a mission. Their mission is to create and market bike parts and accessories with a feminine touch. Shown here is their first foray into the custom wheel arena and it’s called the Escape Wheel. It’s an elegant design ornamented with cryptic ovals that may or may not stand for You be the judge. The pink treatment is just one way to go with these, and you can order yours in plain-polished, chrome- plated, powder-coated or anodized finishes, but the pink works for us. Complementary pulleys, rotors, sprockets and sprotors are available as well. The Escape is available in sizes 16″ x 3.50″ through 21″ x 3.25″ and the price ranges from $999.99 to $1,199.99.
Designz   941.815.6862
Simply stated
Russel Mitchell’s Exile Cycles custom builds are renowned for their minimalist approach. They’re distillations of the essence of a motorcycle and appear to be simple schematics of a bike—or even cocktail napkin doodles—rendered in three dimensions. Among his signature design elements are the brutally basic exhaust systems that eschew swoopy sculpting in favor of blunt function. They’re powerful styling statements and now you can apply the same aesthetic to your own bike with Exile Cycles’ Monster Pipes for Softails. The simplicity is only skin deep, though, since these pipes are double-layered with the header pipe extending completely through the exterior tube, and feature a removable louvered-core baffle and polished billet end cap. The $599 price tag includes all mounting hardware, and the pipes carry the Exile logo to impress your friends.
Exile Cycle   818.255.3330
Weathered complexion
Let’s “face” it: There’s not a serious motorcyclist in all creation who hasn’t wished at one time or another that they had something like the Second Face On protective mask to strap on. We’ve all been caught out in the open and at the mercy of a gully washer or a hail storm or a sand storm or a freak blizzard, and had no option but to soldier on half-blind, painfully pelted, and downright miserable. The Second Face On is a truly unusual product that may make you look like a cross between an ET and Hannibal Lecter, but provides an unprecedented level of facial weather protection that could well mean the difference between perilous misery and painless, confident riding in the worst of extremes. This is no time for vanity. Just remember to remove it before sauntering into the bar… or the bank. Available in four fog-free colors, the product costs $189 and is fully ventilated and fully tested under the most heinous conditions. For another $12.95 you can get the “winter package” thermal insert to keep your cheeks rosy rather than frostbitten.
Second Face On   408.369.8609
Baffling assortment
Big City Thunder is a unique manufacturer in that they don’t actually produce exhaust systems, but rather focus on drawing the best sound and performance out of everybody else’s systems by means of specialized replacement baffles. Starting out some years back with a single offering, the Thunder Blasters drag pipe baffles, they’ve grown their catalogue to in-clude Thunder Monster baffles tailored to suit virtually every style of pipe and muffler on the market, and their latest addition to the lineup will goose the sound and the fury from the Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance Slip-on Mufflers. Prices range from $39.95 to $129.95 per pair, and there’s nothing baffling about the bang for your buck they provide.
Big City Thunder   704.847.1222
Lap of luxury
Saddlemen has designed this entirely new Road Sofa Deluxe for the dramatically upgraded 2008 Harley-Davidson Touring models, and it’s destined to take motorcycle travel to a whole new level of opulence. The basic design of the saddle incorporates Saddlemen’s ultracompliant SaddleGel in both operator and passenger positions, and provides a “center ergo channel” in both as well, to take the pressure off the perineum and make long days on the road a thing of pleasure, not pain. The cover material used is the weatherproof and leather-like SaddleHyde for years of hard service, and there is an optional operator backrest that can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, and houses an air-adjustable bladder for optimum comfort. The price for the aptly named Road Sofa is a reasonable $529.95, with the operator backrest adding $112. For FLHTC models, an optional Tour-Pak backrest cover is also offered for $59.95.
Saddlemen   310.638.1222


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