Brains in a box
Cleaning up a bike’s wiring system is one of the most sought-after refinements for anyone customizing their machine. It can also be one of the most daunting projects to tackle. A new Wiring Harness with Side-Mount Control Box is now being offered by Pro-One, for Harleys not using a dash-mounted ignition switch. Utilizing coded wiring, the harness comes complete and ready to connect to your bike’s ignition and lighting system with the aid of the supplied wiring diagram. The $379.95 kit is supplied with a chromed, side-mounted control box for installation on the frame downtube. These units are available for owners using the stock handlebar switches or custom four-button handlebar switches. For those without any handlebar switches, a self-contained model with all required switches and indicator lights is available for the same price.

Pro-One   800.884.4173

Kaleidoscope of options
Mood rings were a quirky gimmick promoted as having the ability of revealing a person’s disposition by the gem’s color change. The latest technology from Harley-Davidson now allows a rider to adjust the backlighting of their speedo-meter to match their mood, their do-rag, paint job or necktie. With the new Combination Speedometer/Tacho-meter Color-Matched Lighting system, more than 600 color-tone LED variations are available by using the odometer reset push-button. This is an analog combo gauge that is a direct replacement for the stock unit, fitting in the dash bezel and plugging into the stock connector, with versions available for both 4″ and 5″ models. It carries an MSRP of $499.95. And for those attached to their accrued mileage, reinstatement of original miles ridden is available through a dealer.


The demise of the dipstick
Oil is the lifeblood of any motor, and keeping a constant eye on the stuff has never been easier now that Stevenson’s Cycle has gone into production on their radical Porthole Glass Oil Tank. First featured on the company’s Deuce’s Wild entry in last year’s Smoke Out Chop-Off (where it took top honors), the designers had to scramble to make certain that the balance of the bike wasn’t overshadowed by this unique unit. The tank has a four-quart capacity, with a polished stainless steel body. Each end is capped off with quarter-inch-thick tempered glass sandwiched between polished brass end rings (machined to re-semble a ship’s porthole), sealed with Viton O-rings and held together with stain-less steel rods that have received an overlay of brass and run the length of the oil tank. At the bottom of the tank, a one-piece manifold handles the routing of the feed, return and vent lines. A three-point attachment system ensures a solid mount for this $899 beauty that would convert even Popeye into a landlubber.

Stevenson’s Cycle  734.641.2200

Of human bondage
Tired of having the ol’ lady tugging on your shirt or pulling on your belt loops to keep from falling off the rear of that custom bike with no sissy bar? Then maybe it’s time to dump your collection of “If you can read this the bitch fell off” T-shirts and replace it with a Ruger Dog Riding Strap by Ruger Dog. Although the company clearly states in their disclaimer that the Riding Strap is not designed to be a safety device, it certainly should add a touch of security for any passenger. Constructed of soft leather, the Riding Strap fits around the rider’s midsection and has bullwhip-style handles on each end for the passenger to grasp. And although the fringe and silver studs might be reminiscent of a kinky night with a paid escort, even a politician can clearly see the product’s usefulness. Size is determined by the driver’s pant size, with all standard lengths retailing for $74.95.

Ruger Dog   800.926.8590

Positive selection
While custom fuel valves are not new, past models have all lacked one vital design feature—no positive detent when switching from off to on to reserve. Without that affirmative click, riders were always guessing about the unit’s exact position, along with the nagging fear that they might unknowingly be riding while on reserve. But with Golan Products’ new Click-Slick Ball Bearing Petcock that insecure feeling is gone. Manufactured from 360 brass and chrome-plated, this new fuel valve uses a stainless steel ball bearing mechanism that prevents a frozen valve and provides a secure seal while in the “off” position, with the O-ring seat eliminating any leakage between petcock and carburetor. The valves are easily rebuildable, carry a limited lifetime warranty, come in both 3/8″ NPT and 22mm fitting connections and are available in four styles of nozzle configurations. Retail price is $107.99.

J&P Cycles   800.397.4844

Toasty on the inside
Long ago the benefits of heated clothing won out over “purists” who continue to rely on multiple layers to combat chilly weather and often resemble a stuffed tick. But before now heated clothing has always suffered the possibility of a broken wire causing a short and making for a frigid ride. In an effort to refine the product, exo2 The Heat Inside has released one of the greatest breakthroughs in the science. FabRoc is a rubber-like material that is less than 1mm thick, flexible enough to be shaped into almost any configuration and provides a uniform distribution of heat with no risk of “hot spots.” The composite structure con- sists of an AirXstream textile outer shell, a layer of insulation, and a heat panel of FabRoc followed by an inner lining. Unlike its wire-based or carbon fiber predecessors, FabRoc will continue to operate even if cut or torn. It is resistant to most chemicals, energy efficient (converting over 98 percent of available electrical energy into heat), lightweight, waterproof and crushproof. A variety of products including vests, jackets and gloves are being offered.

exo2 The Heat Insideа   877.396.2432

Space-age maintenance
For more than 30 years, Doran Manufacturing has been a leader in transportation safety products, producing innovative equipment for the school bus and truck fleet marketplace nationwide. Their latest safety device is the Doran 360M Tire Pressure Monitoring System for motorcycles. The Doran 360M uses a pair of wireless sensors that mount in place of a bike’s stock valve stem cap and transmits a continuously updated signal to a display panel that offers both a digital pressure reading and a warning indicator light when preset limits drop below baseline levels. The sensors are waterproof, weatherproof and spin-welded to prevent corrosion and provide long life (the sensors use nonreplaceable sealed batteries that have an approximately seven-year life). The display panel is backlit and can be mounted anywhere, including under the seat, with only the small LED external warning lamp visible on the handlebars. The display has a removable stainless steel faceplate that can be custom painted to match your bike. Retail price is $249.99.

Doran Manufacturing   866.816.7233

Low-bucks flash
Whether it’s at a bike show or on the street, the first thing on a bike that catches your eye is the paint. But all that sparkle usually comes at a dear price. Harley’s new Bone Keeper Personal Accents Fuel Tank Kit kicks high costs to the curb by replacing your stock fuel hauler with a custom tank featuring a string of ominous skulls connected by a ribbon of metallic chain with a fog-enhanced background. The tank’s base color is a perfect match for OEM single-color front and rear fenders and comes in Dark Blue Pearl, Crimson Red Sunglo, Black Pearl and the classic Vivid Black. Ranging in price from $1,099 to $1,250, the Bone Keeper is available for many late-model Touring, Sportster, Dyna and Softail models. See your dealer for fitment.


Buffet reduction
Attention all geezer glide owners: The days of aching knees due to frigid climes are now a thing of the past with eGlideGoodie’s Aftermarket Fairing Lowers. No longer will you be seen doing the stiff-legged duck walk at the local watering hole on a frigid night once you strap on a pair of these beauties. Available in “ready to paint” mode for $239.99 or “gloss black” for $339.99, these ABS units attach to your engine guards using vinyl cover clamps. Cold weather not a problem in your area? These lowers also perform a function similar to your windscreen, deflecting the wind away from your body and reducing fatigue while redirecting the air flow toward the bike’s engine for increased cooling. Aftermarket glove boxes are also available.



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