Once infected with the custom motorcycle virus, there is little to impede the advance of a victim’s symptoms and soon the chrome addict morphs into the 13 coats of hand-applied lacquer junkie. In short order, a custom seat comprised of foreign animal hides is on the list of intoxicants. Once the disease has progressed to that stage, there’s only one place to turn: Alligator Bob—exotic skin specialist. The purveyor of choice for offbeat coverings stretched across seat pans and foam, Bob uses combinations including black hornback alligator, full-quill ostrich, shark, elephant and kangaroo in developing his Advanced Custom Designs. Using leathers from Italian and Scotland tanneries, Bob can also furnish hand-tooling, lacing and gel inserts. Since each creation is unique unto itself, call for pricing.
Alligator Bob’s Advanced Custom Designs, LLC


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