Yoga Song Gregory Ormson
Yoga Song author Gregory Ormson posing next to the cover of his new book.

Yoga Song is a new book written by Harley-Davidson enthusiast and motojournalist, Gregory Ormson, whose work has been published on these pages, including the story linked below.

Ormson is a former MSF coach who discovered that yoga helped his skills when handling a motorcycle, especially when making tight U-turns or in any situation of stress. He began translating the lessons of yoga for motorcyclists on the training range and expanded these ideas in 2017 with a course that teaches yoga to bikers, including at Superstition Harley-Davidson in Arizona.  

“Both yoga practice and free diving had taught me the value of meditation and breathing in ease,” Ormson related. “That’s when I first got the idea to combine yoga and motorcycling.”

Ormson’s new book includes his experience offering yoga workshops for the motorcycle community, helping riders feel more balanced, more limber, and better able to handle stressful situations on two wheels.

Yoga Song and its 109 pages will be launched by Rochak Publishing (ISBN: 978-93- INR 200) on June 21, 2022, the 8th International Yoga Day. It will be available for $15 on and See more from Ormson at #motorcyclingyogig.


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