The CruzTOOLS 36mm Axle Wrench allows for easier access to the rear axle nut without needing to remove the exhaust. It’s designed for Harley-Davidson baggers, the Harley-Davidson Pan America, and the Indian FTR, and it comes with a built-in extension element that helps apply necessary torque. This tool is essential for belt/chain adjustments or road-side tire repair.

CruzTOOLS Axle Wrench

The high-strength steel wrench with chrome finish has finger-friendly rounded edges with non-slip finish for a solid grip, making it comfortable and easy to use. The wrench’s lightweight aluminum extension boosts leverage while keeping the tool compact for easy storage on your bike.

“This axle wrench has a narrow profile so that it can fit in the narrow space between the exhaust and the axle nut,” said Matt Wilson, VP of product development for CruzTOOLS. “It also fits with aftermarket suspension, which some wrenches do not. It’s great for making belt or chain adjustments while you are away from home or the shop.”

The AW36X Axle Wrench is available for $26.95 at the CruzTOOLS website or most dealerships. See the video below for more about this wrench.


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