DEI Powersports’ new heat shield kit for 2021 and newer Harley-Davidson Pan Americas is designed to protect the rider’s foot and leg from excess heat. Read more in the press release below.

Harley-Davidson Pan America Heat Shield Kit

Harley-Davidson hit the mark with the new 2021-22 Pan America, an adventure bike designed to explore. Still, DEI Powersports found room for improvement when it comes to blocking excess heat.

Covering the exposed area of the Pan America’s catalytic converter substantially reduces temperatures near the rider’s foot and leg, making for a more comfortable ride. DEI Powersports’ exclusive heat shield kit (# 901065) also improves the performance of the factory rear cylinder heat shield while keeping the stock shield look.

DEI Powersports’ heat shield kit is an OEM-quality addition. The catalytic converter shield features premium insulation enclosed in 306 stainless steel. The rear cylinder part of the kit uses a combination of the company’s Dura 2000 insulation and dimpled aluminum to protect riders from burns and discomfort.

“This type of shield is far more effective than conventional metal shields and will reduce heat by more than 50 percent,” says John Gabriel, Manager of DEI Powersports. “It reduces heat radiating from the exhaust system, giving the rider and passenger a cooler ride.”

Pieces are CNC precision-cut to fit in between the exhaust pipe and the heat shield, blocking heat transfer and lowering the surface temperature of the outer shield.

Harley-Davidson Pan America Heat Shield Kit

Easy to install, with no permanent modifications needed, benefits are particularly noticeable when riders stop and put their feet on the ground.

For more information about the 2021-22 Harley-Davidson Pan America heat shield kit and DEI Powersports’ complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit


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