If you’re riding a solo-saddle XL, Harley-Davidson’s got your back—literally. With the introduction of the versatile new Detachable Backrest for Sportster Models with Solo Seats, they make long days on the road a more practical proposition, offering a 4.5” forward/backward range of positions and postures. The backrest attaches and detaches without tools, and when removed leaves behind only a pair of inconspicuous docking points on the rear fender struts. Finished in gloss black to coordinate with most stock and accessory seats, the backrests fits all 2004-present solo Sportster models (which these days is most of them). The price is $249.95.

Harley-Davidson • harley-davidson.com

Harley-Davidson XL Detachable Rider Backrest
Harley-Davidson XL Detachable Rider Backrest



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