Chamber music
Taking a page from the Harley design book for 2009 Touring bikes, Vance & Hines has upped the horsepower ante with their new Power Duals. Behind the contoured heat shield where the two header pipes connect is the exclusive Vance & Hines Power Chamber that reportedly generates additional horsepower and torque over the stock unit. The right-side design reduces the excessive heat issues found on earlier models, routing the rear header in front of the transmission and then under the passenger footpeg to the left side of the bike. To complete the package, Vance & Hines slip-on mufflers are available separately in a variety of styles. Power Duals are available through Drag Specialties, fit all 2009 Touring models and carry an MSRP of $519.95.

Vance & Hines  

Flying eyewear
For a limited time only, Harley-Davidson will be offering two new styles of collector’s sunglasses, the Eagle and the LadyHawk. Due in authorized dealerships this summer, the Eagle for men features a metal H-D bar-and-shield logo embedded in a temple piece that has received the laser engraving treatment. For the gals, the LadyHawk features a stylistic H-D insignia surrounded by colorful, jeweled tattoo artwork. Each pair of sunglasses is handmade by the Viva International Group under license from Harley. Each style will be limited to a production run of 1,000 individually-numbered units, encased in a collector’s box and including a certificate of authenticity. An MSRP of $250 will have you stylin’.


Security assurance
End the paranoia of someone rummaging through your saddlebags at that fleabag motel while you’re curled up watching the naughty channel with a bag of Cheetos and a six-pack. The new Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Lid Locks by Ponderosa Products provide a simple but secure answer for the leather bags found on Road King Classic and Heritage Softail models. Combination locking snap clips replace the OEM quick release buckles and use a two-digit code that is determined by the owner—set all four the same or each one different. (Note: During installation, the leather belt strap is riveted to the buckle assembly so the belt can no longer be unbuckled.) The locks also fit the hard leather tour pack found on Road Kings. The saddlebag kit retails for $49.95 and includes four locks, rivets and instructions. The tour pack set goes for $25. Now, go enjoy that bag of Cheetos, you perv.

Ponderosa Products   541.533.0945

That’s a wrap
With the current fashion statement in riding being sneakers, Hawaiian floral shirts and shorts, the Hot Leg Protector by Just In Products should have a built-in customer base. Constructed of three layers (black leather on top with a protective, soft cotton blend bottom layer and a heat resistant material sandwiched in between), the Hot Leg attaches to your thigh with three Velcro straps. It comes in two sizes: medium/large, 21″–29″ and large/extra large, 2″–32″. Both sizes retail for $39.95. Now if it only had a pocket for my MP3 player.

Just In Products   661.816.7366

Fully charged
There’s not a more disheartening sound in the world than the clicking of a dead motorcycle battery at the end of what would have been a perfect day of riding. And it usually happens in front of your favorite waterhole with all your buddies laughing from their seats. Now for a paltry $49.95, Argus Analyzers is offering their patented Battery Bug, a monitoring system that constantly tracks your battery’s life. Since chronic undercharging is the major culprit to premature battery failure, the Battery Bug has audible alarms and visible display icons alerting when a battery’s performance drops below an acceptable level. It attaches with simple tools and an adhesive Velcro patch and can be mounted up to six feet away from the battery. That’s cheap insurance against the second saddest sound in the world—having to ask your buds for a push start.

Argus Analyzers   401.398.2959 x151

Pegs of steel
Stevenson’s Cycle is noted for thinking outside the apple crate when it comes to innovative and artistic designs. Their latest offering is the Made in the U.S.A. Foot Controls. Discarding the more prevalent billet aluminum product, Stevenson’s elected steel as a more durable base material. Offered in dizzying combinations of all black, all chrome, chrome and brass, black and brass, and chrome and black, they also offer either smooth or knurled brass toe pegs. The left-side unit is available as either a shifter or hydraulic foot clutch. One of the more creative aspects of the product line is that the foot peg section is designed to accommodate any standard 1″ handlebar grip. So if you want to mate your foot pegs to your handlebar grips, no problem. Starting as low as $516, these controls fit all 4-speed frames as well as Softails through 1999. With the addition of an adapter kit, they can be adapted to 2000 and later Harleys. The brass knurled foot pegs shown are sold separately for $140.

Stevenson’s Cycle   734.641.2200

Budget belt
With everyone trying to save a buck during these tough economic times, the new Illusion Motorcycles 3″ Belt Drive Conversion Kit features only the finest in quality while offering a discount price. Designed to fit all Evo-style motor and transmission combinations from 1984–’99, this unit offers application-specific front and rear pulleys and one of the most rugged 3″ belts on the market. Coming complete with mirror-polished covers, this open belt drive retails for $938, with the belt running an additional $156. And with a total cost at under $1,100, that’s a good hundred bucks cheaper than its nearest competitor.

Illusion Motorcycles   714.894.1942

Space age safety
The two most noted types of accidents between motorcycles and autos are a centerpunch when the car pulls left into the path of an oncoming bike, and the car running over the rider from behind. The new Safe Ride system hopes to curtail those latter accidents. Developed by Powersport Innovations, the Safe Ride’s “brain” is a microprocessor-controlled G-force-sensing module. Whenever the module senses bike deceleration, it provides power to an LED strobe light, gaining the attention of any napping tailgaters. This warning system operates when any type of reduction in speed occurs, such as rolling off the throttle or downshifting, as well as when the brakes are applied. The highly visible LED draws a mere 170 milliamps of power and can last up to 100,000 hours. The Safe Ride system starts at $199.99, is available in several models and comes with a 3-year unconditional replacement warranty.

Powersport Innovations   239.481.0274

Cool sucker
Machined from 6061-T6, the new Harley-Davidson Forged Billet Aluminum Air Cleaner Cover—Black Anodized features dual-throat air inlets. Set fore and aft, the inlets are in an inverted V configuration, complementing the engine profile on late-model Big Twins. Black matte side inserts and a hidden mounting bolt complete the package. Numerous custom medallion inserts are sold separately (the Dark Custom Logo is shown). With an MSRP of $199.95, this cover fits Twin Cams and 1993–99 Evolution 1340s equipped with a carb and Screamin’ Eagle Air Cleaner Kits (that’s the cone-shaped filter).



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