As technology continues to breach new horizons, we continue to be amazed at the products being developed. Case in point is the new Harley-Davidson Footwear High Temperature-Resistant Boots. This newly-developed techno-gizmo is labeled the Motor Company’s TFL COOL SYSTEM and can keep boot temperatures up to 54 degrees F. cooler than a standard piece of dead cow when exposed to the sun’s rays. This works by reducing the surface temperature of the boot’s leather by reflecting infrared rays for improved thermal comfort. While traditional black-pigmented leather absorbs heat, the TFL system defl ects sunlight by reflecting it into the invisible part of the solar spectrum (voodoo science for sure). Debuting six new styles of boots that feature the TFL COOL SYSTEM for the spring of 2018 in men’s and women’s styles, they include both pull-on and lace-up styles. Goodyear Welt Construction, abrasion-, oil- and slip-resistant outsoles only add to the final product. Check out this innovative line at your local dealership with prices ranging from $160 to $200—and stay cool, my friend..

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