During recent years, antennas on Harley-Davidson baggers have gotten increasingly shorter. And while some may attribute this to aesthetics, the reality is that any antenna mounted on the rear of a bike has a poor survival rate. Tour-Pak and saddlebag antenna mounting locations are problematic since they are constantly in the way of careless pedestrians or when the rider deals with stowing gear in either the trunk box or saddlebags. The AM-01 Mounting Kit by eGlideGoodies relocates
your antenna to the front of the bike, alongside the handlebars and protected by the fairing. It accommodates stock AM/FM antennas or longer whip antennas, fitting both 1″ and 1 1/4″ diameter handlebars.
The kit’s connector is plug ’n’ play for older models up through Project
RUSHMORE bikes. Finished in satin black and selling for $89.99, this relocation kit includes an adjustable-angle handlebar mount, antenna cable, connector adapter, an antenna hole plug assembly and mounting
hardware. Antenna sold separately.

eGlideGoodies | eglidegoodies.com



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