A longtime leader in Bluetooth motorcycle technology, Sena is pleased to announce the release of their Momentum Smart Helmet Series. The Momentum utilizes the company’s state-of-the-art 20 series technology combining optimal speaker positioning with their Advanced Noise Control allowing riders to listen to music, take calls, hear GPS directions and communicate with up to eight riders at a distance of up to one mile. The Momentum retails for $449. The Momentum Lite uses 10 series technology allowing for an intercom connection with up to three riders at a distance of a mile, and connectivity to your smartphone to receive calls, listen to music and use GPS navigation. The Momentum Lite sells for $399. The Momentum INC (Intelligent Noise Control) is similar to the Momentum but also features revolutionary noise-cancelling advancements that allow crucial audio to be heard (sirens, traffic and your bike’s rpm). The INC carries a price tag of $549. All helmets in the line are aerodynamically designed, feature a flow-through ventilation system, visors which are scratch- and UV-resistant, and include a removable and washable quick-dry lining and chin curtain.

Sena Technologies | 800.607.6156 | sena.com


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