Rollins Lake, Calif., June 3—One of the several definitions listed in ol’ Webster’s for the word “family” reads like this: “A person or people related to one and so to be treated with a special loyalty or intimacy.” It’s a description that clearly explains the phenomenon that is experienced each year during the Grand Fathers MC’s annual campout as attendees gather as one big family. From check-in at the front gate on Friday to the Sunday morning Christian Motorcyclists Association services before everyone breaks camp at the Rollins Lake campground, the special loyalty to the hosting GFMC is what clearly defines what family is all about.

We landed in camp to discover our favorite camping buddies had already started the party without us. Weather was perfect, music provided by the Grand Band drifted through the pines and a sense of community was the prevailing wind. NorCal club prez CrayZ Alexander was zipping around at the helm of a quad towing a trailer with a car bench seat bolted down as he made the rounds socializing. Folks were busily snatching up raffle tickets at a rapid rate from VP “Crunch” and the atmosphere was soaked in a familiar status quo. It only takes coming out to this gig once to get with the program: Buy as many raffle tickets as you can afford because it’s a known fact that there’s a shit-ton of cool swag to be had.

The Grand Fathers MC, founded on Grand Avenue in SoCal on August 8, 1988 (8-8-88), has solid support from the small mountain community of Colfax as well as from folks all the way across the great state of California and the prize table is always overflowing with good stuff. From tools to coupons and homemade goodies, like moonshine, the donated merch is always topnotch. By Saturday afternoon, it was Cujo who made a serious dent in the swag stash by winning a stack o’ stuff, which was befitting since it was also her birthday. Both she and friend “Counselor,” the GFMC Mother Charter president, celebrated their birthdays with a congratulatory hug and cake for everyone.

CrayZ Alexander is presented a plaque for his years of dedicated membership in the Grand Fathers MC. CrayZ has been NorCal’s president for 23 years.

Vendors Mike and his son Jake manned the booth at Grey’s Customs and exemplified what teamwork is all about. Jake fashions steel sheets into artistic wall hangings and Dad Mike hangs out at bike events to sell the wares while Mom and the dog soak up the shade and chat with customers. Across the way, GFMC members handled the hungry by dishing up tacos and other tasty tidbits. The ever-attentive Ashley served up custom-crafted cocktails while simultaneously wrangling son Harley, who we’re sure will carry on the next generation of GFMC brotherhood.

The CMA members entertained kids with water fights and bubble blowing while adults watched from the comfort of shade and waited for the fabulous Fryed Brothers Band to get tuned up.

Father and son team, Mike (l.) and Jake Gray (r.), spend the weekend as a family selling Jake’s badass custom metal work

Later, as the band took their first break, CrayZ was called up for a surprise presentation. For 25 years, CrayZ Alexander has been a dedicated and loyal member of the Grand Fathers MC. As of July this year, he’ll have been president of the NorCal Chapter for 23 of those years and his brothers presented him a plaque to commemorate. Several members of the Mother Charter had ridden up from SoCal and were in the crowd to cheer, including Sam Smith, the Grand Fathers MC’s founder. CrayZ was so deeply touched by the gesture that he was rendered speechless, which was cool to witness since CrayZ is well known for his gift of gab. The party raged on into the wee hours with Harry and the boys cozied up around the bonfire on straw bales, picking out acoustic tunes. The next gathering of the clan will be at the Fryed Brothers annual anniversary party in September when the Grand Fathers MC will provide security for the family reunion. Be sure to get your tickets. You sure don’t want to miss that one.


  1. I was there and it is a great get away and such fun people to be with!! Love the band Dryer Bro on saturday!! My thanks to Crayz for having me.


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