LAUGHLIN, NEV., APRIL 28—This year The Edgewater Hotel & Casino hosted the annual Miss Laughlin River Run Pageant on a stage set up in their parking area near the sidewalk on S. Casino Drive. Because there was ample room at the outdoor venue, the crowd for this year’s event surpassed that of previous years when the pageant was held indoors.

After the ladies paraded across the stage a few times, it was pretty obvious to everyone, attendees and judges alike, that two young ladies stood out from the rest. The main official then invited each contestant up for one last pose so the audience could express their approval for the applause meter. Guiding the contestant to the front of the stage, the official would say, “Let’s hear some noise for contestant number one.” Then he would hold up a sound level meter, check out the decibel reading and show the meter to his assistant who wrote down the number of decibels the crowd noise had generated. The official then handed the results to the judges who were instructed to consider them in conjunction with their own observations to render a verdict.

The process took less than 10 minutes and, to no one’s surprise, those two outstanding young ladies did, in fact, finish first and second. The third-place winner was a bit of a surprise, but nobody I spoke to had a problem with her selection. Megan Davidson, a diminutive, full-time mom from L.A. took third-place honors. Adrian Reynolds who works for Magic Promotions in Simi Valley, California, walked a way with the award for second place, and Sonja Aguilar who works in human resources for Mission Produce near her home in Piru, California, won the title of Miss Laughlin River Run 2012.

Past Miss Laughlin River Run Pageants have been dominated by Las Vegas professionals, so it was a pleasure to see such a fresh-faced group compete for this year’s title.

From left: First-place winner Samantha Harris, second-place winnerTara Gaddy, and third-place winner Sylvia Ramirez
From left: First-place winner Samantha Harris, second-place winnerTara Gaddy, and third-place winner Sylvia Ramirez

The annual Bedroom Babes Beauty Contest typically draws a half-dozen gentlemen’s club pros that make the 90-mile trip down from Las Vegas. This year was no exception. Held at the Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino exhibition stage, it attracted upwards of 3,000 well-lubricated attendees, and while sweetness and demure behavior held sway at this year’s Miss Laughlin Pageant, here it was a no rules: let the girl who displayed the most outrageous behavior and revealed the most feminine features take the prize type of competition. One of the Bedroom Babes contestants produced a soaker-type water gun and doused several willing drunken bikers near the stage. The emcee handed another girl a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, which she brandished overhead and then invited guys to rush the stage so she could dispense skull shots. One contestant, clad in an especially skimpy bikini, soaked a pink bath sponge in a bucket and invited a tattooed biker near the front of the stage to sponge off her behind and breasts. It got a little sloppy with all the booze, water and suds splashed on the crowd and the stage—but I don’t remember hearing anyone complain.

Some of the ladies took the opportunity to enhance their chances by draping themselves, as provocatively as possible, over a Legend Custom Chopper—which had been strategically positioned on stage for that specific purpose. I thought I recognized a petite, perky brunette who had finished third in last year’s competition. Sure enough, Tara Gaddy had returned for another shot at the prize money. I must admit she was my choice for the title, but then again, I have a well-known weakness for diminutive dark-haired girls.

This competition is strictly a popularity contest. The audience responded sufficiently to a bodacious brunette named Sylvia Ramirez from Bullhead City, Arizona, to earn her third place. My little Tara Gaddy, from Las Vegas, could only manage second-place honors this year because a ginger-haired beauty from Georgia completely mesmerized the crowd with her exquisite figure and sassy smile. Samantha Harris took top honors in a landslide of audience approval.



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