Petaluma, Calif., Oct. 6—When William “Chilly Billy” Walsh Jr. was busily living his life as a nomad and impressing friends with the “devil may care” attitude he was famous for, he had no way of knowing he would become a motorcycle legend after he moved on to the Great Beyond but that’s exactly what’s happened in the years since his passing in 2005… at least among his Rip City Riders club brothers. By all accounts, Billy was one of those guys who dripped with coolness, hence the nickname “Chilly,” and left an impression everywhere he went. The effect wasn’t always a good thing, but he left a soft spot in the hearts of those who knew him, even though he was a notorious problem child. Though he could be cranky and crass and an occasional ass, his absence left a big void in the lives of those who knew him best so they got together and decided to turn the grief over their loss into something positive. For the Rip City Riders, the annual Chilly Billy Memorial party to remember their unique friend has become almost as legendary as the man himself and our NorCal Bureau Chief Felicia Morgan captures it all.




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