Words and photos by Kali Kotoski

Editor’s Note: With Sturgis being such a wild and expansive event, it is impossible to cover it in one coherent story. So, Thunder Press approached the rally by interviewing numerous individuals to get their stories. Look for a series of vignettes published online throughout September!

Trevor “Big Head” rode to Sturgis on his 1991 Harley-Davidson FXR that has been souped-up with an S and S V111 engine. “I have been coming to Sturgis from New York since the 75th, and goddammit I wouldn’t miss it for my fucking life,” he shouted. I asked him if I could take his picture. “You can only take a picture of me if you take a picture of my bike!” While I told him I didn’t need his permission to take his photo, which, if Thunder Press readers learn anything from this rag, it is that the Constitution gives absolutely zero protections when it comes to photographs taken in public places. ZERO! So, keep that in mind when big brother starts rolling out facial recognition software and don’t be that asshole that says “you didn’t ask for my permission.” Big Head agreed to the photo as long “you don’t make me look fat!” And check out his wicked skull tat of a couple ravens. A little social media stalking shows Big Head owns a construction company in New York. If you need a job done, find him on Instagram @bigheadconstruction. And remember being an animal is strictly a nighttime job. 

The lovely Reggie Faer is part of the Circus Una Motorcycle Thrill Show that performed daily at the Full Throttle Saloon. Her specialty this year: a death-defying high-wire motorcycle act where a Suzuki 250 perched 50 feet above the ground dangles a trapeze bar on which she executes aerial acrobatics. One cool babe! Last year, she could be seen swallowing swords (let that sink in). “A lifetime of bad decisions is what got me into high wire,” she said, coyly. Check out her website www.reggiebugmuncher.com for upcoming shows, bookings and previous performances. She is also open for modeling gigs.


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