Words by Kali Kotoski

Photos by Buffalo Chip

Editor’s Note: With Sturgis being such a wild and expansive event, it is impossible to cover it in one coherent story. So, Thunder Press approached the rally by interviewing numerous individuals to get their stories. Look for a series of vignettes published online throughout September!

If you haven’t been to the Buffalo Chip, you haven’t experienced the rally. While a bit costly, totally-worth-it-to-see world-famous musicians play to tens of thousands of bikers on our home turf. They also have plenty of salacious shows for both men and women—hunks and divas. During the day, V-Twin trick shows were put on by Bell Helmets. The Bell Brawl’s extreme tricks turned what I know of physics on its head. And what is that above? A rare sighting of a group of binge-drinking millennials at the Chip packed into to a golf cart. Yep! Sorry to let you old-timers know the obvious, but us millennials will inherit the earth. One shitty PBR and spiked seltzer at a time. Side note: if it was us millennials that made that cinnamon Fireball whiskey popular, boomers I apologize, sincerely.


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