full throttle saloon kali kotoski thunder press sturgis

Words and photos by Kali Kotoski

Editor’s Note: With Sturgis being such a wild and expansive event, it is impossible to cover it in one coherent story. So, Thunder Press approached the rally by interviewing numerous individuals to get their stories. Look for a series of vignettes published online throughout September!

The inside of the Full Throttle Saloon is a wild, jaw-dropping spectacle of post-industrial design, with old engines mounted to walls, hanging motorcycles and two massive gears that who the hell knows what they are from. A sawmill? A steam turbine? It remains a mystery. While the beers were cold, the flies were, at times, overbearing. But that didn’t stop beautiful ladies willing to cozy up for a photo op. The woman with the seashells and greenbacks escaping from her short shorts said her name was Nirvana. I didn’t get the local MAGA girls name, but I am all in for the cause, tipping a dollar extra per beer.



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