Words and photos by Kali Kotoski

Editor’s Note: With Sturgis being such a wild and expansive event, it is impossible to cover it in one coherent story. So, Thunder Press approached the rally by interviewing numerous individuals to get their stories. Look for a series of vignettes published online throughout September!

kali kotoski

Mike Yarusso from St. Paul spent most of his time handing out crosses and proselytizing to bikers as they roared past on Lazelle Street. As a long-time Thunder Press reader, he asked what happened to the contributor who went by the name Preacher. If you have any information (before my time) let us know at Tpress@thunderpress.net. Mike is wondering if he is still alive. Anyways, Mike helps run Yarusso Bros. Italian Restaurant in St. Paul, a family-owned eatery that first opened in 1933. Hopefully, the magazine editors will warm up to a biker-owned restaurant review soon! And God bless your spirit, Mike. Show them the light!

kali kotoski


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