Words and Photos by Kali Kotoski

Editor’s Note: With Sturgis being such a wild and expansive event, it is impossible to cover it in one coherent story. So, Thunder Press approached the rally by interviewing numerous individuals to get their stories. Look for a series of vignettes published online throughout September!

Okay, okay, we know that Sturgis has become incredibly commercialized and is not what it once was. OK, maybe the notorious Glencoe Campground still carries on the raw tradition. Anecdotal reports say this is the first year in recent memory where there hasn’t been any drug or alcohol-induced deaths. No stabbings either! Yay! So next year that is where I will be, maybe taking out my old PRESS flak jacket I never got the opportunity to wear. Respect the press, people! But back to the point; at the Iron Horse Saloon “free” entertainment is available all day and every night. You could see the Dirty Sexy Riot Girls put on a burlesque show and then rock out to the tribute band Hairball. While the entertainment is free, the drinks ain’t! And I will give the beautiful bartenders a free pass this time, but it was stupid how a double Jameson, no ice, varied from $7 to $13. Why $7 close to the stage and $13 in the back? Simple supply and demand, I suppose. When I checked my empty wallet, I realized it was a small cost in the grand scheme of things and plus, it made the walk back to the house we rented all that more pleasurable. No better way to leave the rally than with a painful hangover that reminds you that you are still alive. See you next year Sturgis, and keep your shelves well-stocked!


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