#29 In Roads-Retlaw

I’m on my way to the notorious Redwood Run, one of the last old school runs left in the state of California when I make a pit stop at Michaels’s H-D in Cotati. Parts man Walter is busy at the counter but points me towards the Thunder Press pile. Jamming for the door he tells me there are two other publications in another location if I’d like to grab those, too. “No thanks. I’m a Thunder Press girl,” I tell him as I flip through the issue.

“I like all motorcycles so I tend to read them all. I have a Buell and have every issues of Eric’s magazine. He even signed the last one for me. Here’s another publication over here that’s local. These guys will be up at Redwood this weekend.“ Walter tells me. I tell him Thunder Press will also be there.

“Oh, will they? I used to know Reg, (Thunder Press founder), he’s a really nice guy. I don’t really know any of the Thunder Press crew now.” I do something I’ve never done before. Flipping open the paper, I point to Free Range and declare, “Now you do. That’s me.” He laughs. “Really? That’s you? I like TP, I read Terry’s stuff every month and a couple of the other articles but wow, nice to meet you.” We shake hands and I tell him I need to take his picture and he hides behind the paper. I tell him I need another photo so I can see his nametag because I might forget his name.

“I’m Retlaw,” he says as he runs his finger backwards across the nametag and laughs. “I’ll see you up there, we have a booth where we give away a bike and I’ll be up there tomorrow.” And this, my friends, is how it always goes for Redwood. You meet the nicest people and make great friends at most rallies but Redwood is the kind of run that just brings out happy, friendly members the riding community. Walter will be one less stranger for me to meet.





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