#30 In Roads-T street trash


Meeting folks is much easier at a rally. Before I even get to the run I’m introduced to a Redwood rookie. The married father of a 15 year old and a 5 year old is enjoying his first camping trip on his ’07 Dyna Low Rider. He figured out right away what was important to pack on the bike. “I put all my gear in the sag wagon and just kept the important stuff with me,” he says as he shows off his bottle of Kettle One with a smile.

Louie is a California boy who grew up on T Street in Sacramento. His parents still live in the same house he and his 2 siblings were raised in. Of the three kids, he was the one who caused his parents the most grief. “I got in trouble a lot. Used to hang out at the corner store, you know,” he tells me with a shrug. He tells about hosing down the kids on the school bus and stealing his mom’s car. “You know, all the stuff kids do,” he laughs. “But we had relatives with a hog farm and I loved getting to visit them. I always wanted to be a cowboy. True story.” He feels blessed that his children are good kids. “My daughter’s an absolute angel. My son, he was a complete surprise. As soon as we gave up trying, here he comes, 10 years later. He’s a good kid, too.”

He just got his ’07 Dyna Low Rider painted. “Did you notice the metal flake?” he asks. “With the metal flake and the pearl it sparkles and looks kind of blue, but in the shade it just looks black. I love it. I just decided I needed to treat myself good, to do something for myself so I bought it a year ago. I ride it to work. I love that bike.”

Louie’s a mental health practitioner and sometimes moonlights as a bouncer at local nightclubs. He’s promised to help me howl at the full moon while Marshal Tucker fills the canyon with memories tonight. I think I’ve made a good friend.


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