#32 In Roads-Guitar guy

I’ve met another Redwood rookie. Jack is a guitar player who was originally from the Bay area but is now a Sacramento resident. He’s in awe of the entire run experience. “You know, I’ve always wanted to come to Redwood, been hearing about it for years, but I never expected to be actually playing it. This is so freaking cool! This is just one of those things you have to experience for yourself. I am so happy. I love the vibe back here, all the musical minds and the energy; you can feel it like a pulse. I belong here; I’m in the perfect place. I just fit. I’m so grateful to Randy Scoles for asking me to play with him. He gets to play with a couple of bands and the Fryeds will probably ask him to come up for a couple of songs, too. I would love to get to play with these guys. Man, if Harry asked me to sit in with him that would just make it for me.”

He asks me to go out front and take a picture of him. He’s dancing around in the crowd, talking to other partiers and smoking a cigar when he circles back, grabs me up and swings me around. He promptly falls backwards. I land on top of him and my camera gear scatters around us like an explosion. I lay there cracking up since really, what else could you do when someone’s joy spills out of them with such exuberance? The paramedics come over to be sure we’re ok. I guess falling down is a common occurrence here because sobriety is rather rare and they want to be sure us old farts don’t break a hip or something. I explain that I am sober and all is good as I check out my camera gear. “Wow,” Jack says as he dusts me off and starts picking stuff up. “I am so glad you’re laughing. I would totally understand if you got mad at me but it’s so cool that you’ve got such a great sense of humor.” I giggle and explain that hey, it’s Redwood Run, the moon is out and the Fryeds are playing. How could anyone possibly be mad?


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