#35 In Roads-Mountain man

I’ve learned something new everyday since I started and this was no exception. There’s no one new in camp for me to talk to, until I notice Mitch. He’s quiet and seems shy since he’s not really talking to anyone, just floating around camp, smiling. He has a beard to his belly button, steel blue eyes and wears a cut displaying the patches from his MC. He has ridden down from his house in the mountains to spend the day visiting with everyone.

I finally find my bravery and mosey his direction to introduce myself. He seems wary. We chat a bit about riding but mostly he just nods. I ask to take his picture and he shrugs ok and poses, but doesn’t ask why and I don’t offer an explanation. I ask if he’s married. He nods slowly, eyeing me as he smiles. I tell him that I have chores to attend to and have to leave for a bit, but ask if he will be around camp later because I’d like to catch up with him and visit some. He keeps still but shakes his head and squints his eyes as he tells me he’s getting ready to head out. I shake his hand and bid him a good ride but find his demeanor rather odd. I’m later told that he probably thought I was trying to pick up on him, which never crossed my mind and made me laugh. Looks like I need to change my approach since it appears I’m scaring off potential candidates.


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