#36 In Roads-Love struck

A woman is looking through the dress rack as children pester her to buy them things. She patiently reminds them in monotones, repeatedly, that they can ask their mother to purchase the items. I teasingly interject, “Aw come on Grandma, buy the guy some sunglasses.” She laughs and explains that she is their teacher, not a relation. She tells me she is starting her own preschool so we chat about that a bit. I ask what credentials she needs. “I don’t really have that much education, just a certificate, but I have over 10 years of experience. I’ve found a great building and we’re having the water tested, finding out about ramps and different codes. It’s going very well.”

Rebecca reaches across the rack to shake my hand and introduce herself. Instantly I realize how nice it is to chat with someone who I don’t feel I’m interviewing, just visiting with. I ask if I can take her photo and she puts her hand to her heart and says, “Why? It’s because I’m in love and it shows, isn’t it? You can see it, right?” She’s blushing with a huge smile. “I am 53 years old, have four children and been married twice and I can honestly say, this is the first time I’ve ever been really in love. It’s only been a month but I am so incredibly happy.”

She goes on to tell about meeting her magic man via an online dating service and though they were both hesitant, they found each other right away after signing up. “He’s a widower and has been alone for seven years but he’s done his work and he’s through it. He’s perfect. We’re just meant for each other. It’s a bummer that he’s across the bay from here but we’re working out the distance thing. When you’re truly in love you can work things like that out, can’t you? I think we’re doing fine. I am so, so happy.” There’s just no way to not feel joyful for this kind and patient woman with the children gathered around her. She’s right. Her bliss is obvious as well as infectious and her story brightened my day. I left glad to have met her.


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