#62 In Roads-Wizard status


My computer is freaking out. I don’t mean the kind of thing where there’s a little glitch, I mean a full-blown freaking the hell out spaz that makes work impossible. It’s the kind of insanity that I cannot fix despite the diagnostic attempts. So, it’s off to the Apple store I go. Reluctantly.

The place is packed. I have an appointment yet I sit waiting for attention. Finally a kid my grandson’s age appears with “Genius” on his nametag. I’ve already shared with the intake crew that I’ve passed deadline and freaked the hell out on a huge scale. My publication goes to press in less than 24 hours and I am not even certain that any of my work has been saved. Genius boy soothes me with words like diagnostics, available parts and possible fixes. He acknowledges my borderline hysteria by sharing all the scenarios and assuring me he’s there to help and will do his best.

Diagnostics discover nothing. We’re moving on to replacing parts. I’m envisioning open-heart surgery and huge bills I cannot afford, let alone the time it will take. All the technicians are busy and there is no one to fix my machine. I almost hyperventilate. Finally Genius boy tells me to go away and come back in an hour. He says he can replace the touch pad himself and it will be less than a bjillion dollars. I leave.

An hour later I have my laptop. Genius explains my warranty and says I’m good to go. I ask what he plans to do when he grows up since, as a Genius who has clearly progressed to wizard status, he is my hero. The world is obviously his oyster. He laughs. “Oh gads, I don’t even want to think about that. Growing up? Belch!” I ask how old he is and he looks skyward and calculates, which cracks me up.

“Hey Genius, want to take off your shoes to help you count?” I ask. He giggles as he explains that he just wanted to be sure he hadn’t turned 26 yet, which he hasn’t. I ask permission for his photo. “Once you get out of here, I do not care what you do with my picture,” he tells us. “It’s been great working with you, I really like you. I’ve enjoyed serving you.” And that, folks, is how a service-based company is supposed to treat their customers. Now, I have many words to scribble before I sleep and I have Kyle to thank for that ability.


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