#64 In Roads-Oracle


I’m sitting on a bench along the light rail tracks in front of a computer business after hours. It’s closed but there are still customers inside so a security guard is stationed at the door to prevent people from entering. He’s tall, cheerful and busily intercepting folks who are trying to sneak past. Suddenly, out of the blue, he looks across the compound and zeros in on me. Next thing I know we’re chatting. He says he is writing a book. I greet him as a brethren with, “Oh hey, a hopeful writer.”

Rob bristles as he corrects me that there is no “hope” to it, he knows his future already and has known since he was a child. The 53-year-old has two books to write. The first is an outline already and he explains that it has to be laid out very well so the future lives tie into the past.

“The book is called Samsara, which is Sanskrit for, “The circle of rebirth.” Like all good science fiction novels, I try to convey the truth of the matter to people, which is the core of any good book.” He says he knows he’s had several past lives. He recounts his experience with the Akashic records-a Sanskrit sort of clairvoyant astral plane hall of records where one can see a soul’s earth experiences-and says he knows how he died in each of his prior lives. Looking over his shoulder I point out that people are sneaking into the building he’s supposed to be guarding. He leaves to shoo them away and is right back, but on a different topic

“I know, everyone’s writing a book. Of course they are, but I really am,” he declares. Then he admits to having over 50 occupations. “Mostly I just move on,” he explains after he shares that he’s been married for 17 years and has a 14-year old son. I suggest that maybe he has some ADHD issues. He laughs. I ask if he rides.

“I have a KLR 650,” he shares. He lives across the border in Washington but doesn’t ride his bike to work. “I just stick to the back roads. My sister is an operating room nurse and she lets me know so many times about harvesting dead motorcyclists so really, I’m afraid of the freeways. I’m good with just the trees and wilderness near my house.”


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