#67 In Roads-Sidewalk Prophet


“I’m going to take your energy,” he says, stepping out from the stoop of a business. I ask why he would do that.

“Well, I used to think I could take people’s souls. I was caught up in delusion. See, when you’re in your own mejtote, which is a Mayan word for a dream within a dream of your own reality, you’re not sure what’s really going on. Reality is subjective. But you have to believe in something that is absolute. So whatever it is that works for you, then that is your reality. When people ask you a question, you should just answer with, “If that works for you.” It’s powerful.”

I suggest the phrase is evasive. The 38-year old named Vrendaven is wearing a fisherman’s cap, carries a fistful of assorted electronics and refuses to allow my photo since he says people trap each other with pictures. He changes the subject.

“Jesus has been stalking you. You know that, right? He’s actually been playing with you. It’s been relentless but He’s God, it’s not a perverted weird thing. He actually wants to set you free.

One thing I have discovered that nobody can argue about is that there is no one else exactly like you. Tit for tat down to the last detail. So, if there is only one you and we’re all human beings, but we’re different even though we all have a heart and a soul, then we’re spiritual beings. We’re individuals but all created in God’s image. We’re not clones. God did that purposefully to prove that there are many religions just as there are many people but there is only one true you just like there is only one true God.”

I ask if he’s sure there aren’t many individual Gods just like there are many individual people. He explains no, that there is the thought of individualism but we’re all part of this life together so there really are no individuals.

“I see demons in people,” he confesses. I ask if he is a demon.

“No. I’ve done my share of LSD. That helped me see things the way they really are. I can’t be harmed; it’s just not possible. I’m part Blackfoot and Mohawk. Mohawks are shape shifters. I’d wear an Egyptian bead around my neck. If you bothered me I would go inside you and take things from you. I thought I was God. Astrologers said that, according to my birthday, I was a third degree dragon. Others could actually feel my power. I had all the counterfeit gifts, now I have all the true gifts. I worshipped in my soul but now I can feel God’s presence. It’s tangible. Jesus revealed himself about 10 years ago and showed me He is the truth.

I started experimenting in high school. Going to parties, break dancing. That was my sin, break dancing. I smoked pot, did LSD, hated women, hated myself. Thought about suicide and tried it several times. I lost everything, was sleeping on the street. One night I took Marinol, a drug for cancer patients. Pure THC. I used to sell it on the streets. I was hallucinating but really I was opening to spirituality which is the opposite of this realm.”

I ask if he thinks maybe he stayed in that realm. “No, I saw my spirit guide in a garden surrounded by this big ball of energy with lightening bolts blasting out of his body. He gave me advice about my life. After seeing him I woke up sober. I had been attacked and I was actually dead but came to life after finding Jesus. I’m living for Jesus now.” He says he only dances at bus stops now, rarely drinks beer and is studying at the community college. He wants to be a counselor. I wish him luck.


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