#68 In Roads-Bridal bliss


I’m standing in a super fancy chocolate shop when I turn around to find a gaggle of giggling gals have gathered at the counter. One is decked out in a pink satin strapless dress with a sash that introduces her as a bride-to-be. Her tiara is a collection of pink plastic penises and the tulle veil is accessorized with smaller versions of the same. She beams as I ask to take her photo.

Rachael is a chiropractor in Oregon City. Her hubby-to-be works making chains for chainsaws. Their wedding is planned for August 30 and she admits that her bachelorette party is a little early, but she wanted to get it out of the way because the fear that she might not make it to the church on time if she waited until the night before is a real concern. She and her posse are whooping it up in style and the list of places to go and things to do for the evening is a long one. They seem to be in a bit of a hurry.

She says she’s been a passenger on a bike but isn’t really interested in riding one herself. She says she doesn’t have many biker patients. “No, I don’t work on a lot of bikers but I do get some in. I get more horseback riders, actually. Lots and lots of cowboys. Which is kinda cool since horseback riding is actually my thing, personally.

I point out that 26-years old seems pretty young to already be a chiropractor. “Yes, I tend to want to do things quickly. I have a lot of stuff I want to accomplish in life so I’m kind of in a hurry.” She giggles as her sister rolls her eyes. I ask Jenny, who is 6-years married, what marriage advice she would give the soon-to-be wife and she laughs. “First I’d have to point out that my sister is very ambitious, so I’d have to tell her to take it easy and just let her husband relax once in a while.” Sounds like good advice to me.


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