#71 In Roads-Dapper dude


There’s a smartly dressed man waiting for the bus who carries himself with a noticeable sophistication. Wearing a hat, vest and shiny shoes to match, he stands out among the crowd of homeless and downtrodden who are wandering aimlessly down the shady street. I walk past but make myself return because there’s a feeling that he will have something remarkable to share.

I ask if I can visit with him for a few minutes and he smiles big. “Of course, young lady, what may I do for you this fine afternoon?” Max replies. I share my observation that he is a man of grace and I ask his age. He chuckles.

“I’m only 38. That surprises a lot of folks because of the gray. I look a lot older, but I experienced a lot in my young life. Some call it premature gray but I actually feel I earned it,” he fluffs at the chin whiskers proudly.

I ask if he’s ever ridden a motorcycle. His face grows serious as he shakes his head. My new friend looks at me as if I’ve gone mad. “Never?” I ask. “Have you ever even wanted to ride a bike?”

“No. I’ve never been the slightest bit interested in motorcycles. I’m a responsible father of two daughters. Motorbikes have just never been a part of my world.” I consider telling him that I raised daughters responsibly while owning a motorcycle but think better of it. Instead I just smile. He and his wife both use public transportation to their jobs in the city, since they live nearby it’s a short commute. I ask what they do for fun.

“Well, we enjoy the blues so we put on some music and putter around the garden. We both like working in the yards and spending time as a family.” I ask what he wants to do with his future. The gracious man with a calm demeanor looks off in the distance and says, “You know, I just want to be the best man I can be. Whether that’s a better husband or father, whatever that takes, that’s what I want to work for. “ With that, his ride arrives and he bids me a nice evening. As he steps on the bus, Max waves and thanks me for the conversation. I’m glad I turned around.


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