#78 In Roads-Gypsy Glen


Getting gas in a dinky backwater South Dakota town, I ask a guy dumping the station garbage how much further Sturgis is. He gives detailed directions before looking skyward and pointing out what great day it is for a ride. I’ve just spent the last three hours drifting through gentle twists and fantastic, mesmerizing scenery so I have to agree.


“We’re expecting rain on Wednesday,” Glen warns. “But you know it wouldn’t be rally without some rain. At least we’re not expecting hail or any of the really bad stuff.” We chat a bit about the weather before I ask if he’s a Belle Fourche native. He laughs loud.

“No way! Nobody is actually born here. Everybody’s from somewhere else around here. For me, my wife and I used to be gypsies. We lived in an RV and just traveled around, looking for the next place to visit. We’d get to some place we liked and we’d just hang out a while. Here, we rolled in and never left. We love this area. Been here eight years now. Got myself a place, an actual piece of dirt, now. It’s a ranch. We live out where if there’s two cars on our dirt road, it’s a traffic jam.

I ask how long he’s been married and he breaks into a bright smile. “All my life,” he declares proudly. I can tell instantly that he is in love with his wife. “I’m 73-years old and been married 55 years. I like to tell the story about that little girl in kindergarten. Cute little girl used to make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. By the time we were in high school, that same cute girl was making me toasted cheese sandwiches. Now days, I’m back to the peanut butter and jelly. And she’s still cute.” He laughs and wishes me a great ride. “You be safe out there. Enjoy your rally.”



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