#85 In Roads-Rachel


A cute chick is hobbling around Sturgis with a pain patch, a cane and a smile. The motorcycle-loving beauty was a passenger on her husband’s 2002 Dyna in April when they were rear-ended in SoCal. She suffered multiple fractures to include several ribs and a broken pelvis. Rachel and her man are very close. Outside of work, all their time is spent in each other’s company. Since hubby is in a motorcycle club, they’re very socially active. As the 27-year old recuperated, she missed lots of club rides and both were miserable. Finally they  struck a deal: as soon as she could walk, he’d take her on the bike.

One night he came home from work and told her he was headed out to meet friends for a ride. To his surprise, she got up and showed him her newest accomplishment. Painfully, she limped across the room. With great apprehension, he held to the deal and has been taking her for short rides but he still carries her piggy-back up and down stairs. For this trip, Rachel has ridden out to Sturgis on four-wheels. She plans to help out at the drag strip by selling raffle tickets or any other tasks organizers may need assistance with as she zips around in a cart.

“I haven’t quite decided what I want as a starter bike, but I want to ride. I’ve been around bikes since I was a kid and I just want my own now.” Her husband rolls his eyes. Apparently it’s an often-visited subject they do not agree on but I suspect that this determined young lady will get her way.

Since everybody comes to Sturgis with a wish list of things to see or do, I ask what her priorities are. “I want to see the Buffalo Chip, Full Throttle and the drags.” Friends remind her of her boobies quest and I ask what that’s about. “Oh yeah. Our dog sitter gave me a list of three things to bring him back as payment. He wants a shot glass, a t-shirt, and a picture of boobies so I said alright. So far all I’ve seen are topless girls in body paint surrounded by guys so I couldn’t get a photo but I saw one girl that was like 60-years old. He wasn’t specific so I guess I could get some shots like that, huh?” As we giggle I suggest that if they want to keep the dog sitter happy, maybe she should shoot younger models. I recommend going out to the Full Throttle. I hear there are lots of young flashers there.


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