#90 In Roads-Bar babe


We’re out on a photo safari and swing by the Full Throttle to see what’s going on. The place looks like K-Mart. Tshirts are strewn on tables in huge piles and racks of women’s wear blocks access to the stage area where bands were playing just a week ago. There are a handful of people eating lunch and others are sorting through the bargain bins. Jars of moonshine line the counter. I ask the bartender if the white lightening is any good.

“Personally, I love the stuff. It goes down really smooth. Too smooth, actually. It’s really good. I can’t even taste the alcohol anymore.” The blonde with the nose ring rolls her eyes and giggles. She’s chatty and admits she’s a little spacey today.

We ask if she’s old enough to drink since she looks so young. “No, I lied to get the job. I’m only 15,” she jokes as she plays with her hair. Looking around the room I ask if they are closing down.

“I’ve been told they will still be open for another two months,” she tells us as she waves her hand, “but today is my last day.” I ask how she did during rally. “I have another job over in Spearfish and it was pretty tough. My shift there was from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m., then they wanted me back here at 6 a.m. I finally ended up getting really sick and I think it was just from exhaustion.” I suggest maybe it was the moonshine. “Yeah, I wish. I was so miserably sick. It was not fun!” Friends suggest she might have gotten dehydrated and she agrees.

“You know, we’re all working our butts off and I finally told everybody to just wait a minute after I realized I hadn’t had a drink of water all day. People were actually yelling and snapping their fingers at me. They started yelling “Hey Jody, over here!” and I was like, “How do you even know my name?” It was crazy. I’ll be glad to go back to my regular job. It’s a much smaller place. I’m not sure I’ll do this again next year.” She leaves us to tend to other customers. I forgot to get her picture, but Jody cracked up as we yelled her name across the bar to say goodbye when we left. At least she still has her sense of humor.


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