American Rider’s Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Duke, sits down on Rider Magazine Insider Podcast on Episode 54 to chat with host Greg Drevenstedt, Editor-in-Chief of Rider. These two long-time friends have many shared memories of press launches and other moto events, which they delve into in the episode.

Rider Magazine Insider Podcast Episode 54 Kevin Duke

They talk about bungee jumping off the 700-foot Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa together, visiting Jay Leno’s garage, and plenty of other experiences they’ve had in the motorcycle industry. They also talk about the joys and frustrations of their jobs as motorcycle journalists and editors, the exciting things they’re following in the industry, and the state of motorcycle magazines in today’s world.

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This episode of the Rider Magazine Insider Podcast sheds a light on what goes on behind the scenes here at American Rider and what readers can expect from us in the future. We invite you to have a listen over at Rider’s website or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to Episode 54 of the Rider Magazine Insider Podcast here.


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