If the reports can be believed, young Hunter Chafin should most probably not make anyone’s short list as the head of your new crime syndicate. This 19-year-old from Arkansas was arrested in mid-October on suspicion of bank robbery after he was believed to have stolen $3,350 in cash from a bank in Eureka Springs.

After the heist, Chafin took a taxi to Bentonville, about 40 miles away. Turns out Bentonville was not his secret lair or even where his gun moll was lying in wait for his return to share the loot. No, in true cart-before-the-horse fashion, Hunter had traveled to Bentonville to purchase a motorcycle to use as his getaway vehicle—after he had gotten away.

Upon arriving at the home of the seller, Chafin met the bike’s owner and the owner’s dad, Corporal Steve Vera, who was there in uniform to help his son complete the transaction. A few minutes after the sale and the exchange of hot cash, Officer Vera received a call informing him that Chafin was a suspect in a bank robbery. Vera quickly arrested him about four miles from his house (apparently he recognized the escape vehicle).


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