Once again, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip has published a list of things left behind by campers during the 2016 rally. Most of these were common items such as keys, eyeglasses, camping gear, leftover food (a half-eaten sausage and an unopened jar of pickles?), hats and helmets, and the like.


There were some items, like a small powerboat, that seemed awfully large to lose—especially since it was abandoned on dry land—while others, like the lost cell phones and credit cards, that are probably still causing their owners some grief.


There were also some questionable, as in “what were they thinking?” items, such as the Chip-coined “plumber’s kit” which consisted of a toilet plunger and a roll of toilet paper, and the device that looked like an animal trap, labeled “slut box.” Wait—we’re pretty sure we knew what they were thinking on that one. The contraption was still set when the Chip crew found it. What a surprise.


Although a phone number was included in case you want to claim any of these items as yours (or if you lost any and would like to add them to the “lost and found” log), we suspect the folks at the Chip compiled the list for entertainment value as well. Really, who’s gonna call and claim that pair of soiled boxer shorts or the giant inflatable phallus?


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