Fred Kodlin, a master blacksmith working out of a modest shop in Berken, Germany, has a love of Harley-Davidsons. Years ago, he took note of the boom in domestic demand for H-D’s Evo-engined bikes and began importing the new models, customizing them to his exacting standards and styles and going on to win accolades and clients across Europe.

Kodlin transforms Harley's Breakout with bolt-on mods.
Kodlin transforms Harley’s Breakout with just bolt-on mods.

Full custom Kodlins are in high demand, meaning big bucks and a long wait for your bespoke masterpiece. Enter Holger Mohr, another devotee of big V-Twins and founder of Custom Chrome Europe, a name synonymous in the old-world for aftermarket Harley-Davidson parts. Mohr has partnered with Kodlin to offer a new line of parts designed specifically for Harleys.

Mohr sees the bold design of the 2020 114 Breakout as an ideal model to showcase Kodlin Motorcycle’s line of quality custom parts, bringing his vision of accessible customization to the U.S. market. 

“The new Kodlin products for the Breakout were designed to add smooth lines while giving it that aggressive chopper look this FXBR deserves,” says Mohr, Co-Founder / President of Kodlin Motorcycles. 

Importantly for cost and downtime concerns, the Breakout’s frame, wheels, driveline, and front end remain stock, simplifying the customization process. 

The Kodlin Breakout is a sexy beast. Photo ©Ben Ott.

Kodlin components are spread from nose to tail, including front and rear fenders, a chin spoiler, solo seat, and bar risers. Detail touches include Kodlin’s LED turnsignals, a headlight adapter, and intake and exhaust kits. A lowering kit with a preload-adjustment knob creates the slammed look. In all, it’s a comprehensive transformation for the simple addition of bolt-on parts. 

“The feedback we received is that it’s impressive to get that radical look with parts you can pick from a catalog,” Mohr reports. 

If one element sets the Kodlin Breakout apart, it has to be the stunning stretched fuel tank, which tapers to fit flush with the seat, creating a seamless flowing line from headstock to the rear fender. Engineered to fit all HD M8 Softail models from 2018-up, the 3.5-gallon (13-liter) tank comes unfinished in raw steel, a blank canvas for your imagination. No modifications are required to work with the OEM fuel pump, and a pop-up gas cap is included in the $699 price. In addition to the Breakout, Kodlin also fabricates parts for other Harley models. Buyers can choose bolt-on parts from Kodlin’s website to build out their own unique custom bike, mixing and matching parts that optimize their preferred look and style. More info at


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