In anticipation of the 2022 Rocky Point Rally taking place November 10-13, 2022, here’s a look at our 2021 Rocky Point Rally Report, originally published in American Rider‘s December 2021 issue.

Rocky Point Rally 2021
The shore of the Sea of Cortez is a terrific setting for a bike rally.

The Rocky Point Rally celebrated its 20th anniversary in style, with thousands of people traveling from the U.S. and Mexico to attend the event held in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora (Rocky Point), Mexico.

Event promoters describe RPR as the greatest motorcycle fiesta just south of the border, promising four days of sun, fun, bikes, music, and good times on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. The RPR began in 2001 and was held this year from November 11-14. 

Rocky Point Rally 2021
A view at a bike show that’s hard to beat.

Mexico might seem a long way away, but it’s only about a four-hour ride from Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona, with a border crossing at Lukeville into Sonoyta, Mexico. From San Diego, California, it’s about a six-hour journey that crosses the border at Mexicali and follows a coastal route to Puerto Peñasco.  

Rocky Point Rally 2021
Smiles were prevalent at the Rocky Point Rally.

About 90% of attendees come from southwestern parts of the U.S., according to Oscar Palacio Soto, promoter of the rally. He told us that many hotels were fully booked and the event contributed to a 30% spike in sales for local businesses.  

This year’s RPR drew about 15,000 tourists, with 5,000 riders passing through the Lukeville border crossing and as many as 2,000 more arriving through other ports. Sonora Tourism Secretary Célida Teresa López Cárdenas said the rally is one of the most important events in northwestern Mexico.  

Rocky Point Rally 2021
Good times south of the border.

The rally kicked off November 11, with more visitors than typical for Thursday. Celebrations began at Banditos, serenaded by Arizona’s Bayou Bandits.  

On Friday, the ride to the Schuk Toak Visitors Center of the volcanic area of the Pinacate Crater, a UNESCO heritage site, attracted more bikers than in recent years. The Queen of the Streets women’s ride-in bike show had a sizeable 28 entrants, with Claudia Garcia crowned as Queen. Also on Friday was the Law Tigers Beach Fiesta at Playa Bonita, with live music from rally stalwart Mogollon.  

Rocky Point Rally 2021
The Law Tigers are big supporters of motorcycle events and were on hand at the RPR.

Saturday’s bike show was held this year at City Hall as a preamble to the rally’s traditional bike parade. It also attracted more riders than usual, and it was joined by López Cardenas and Puerto Peñasco mayor, Jorge Pivac Carrillo.  

Rocky Point Rally 2021
A Kings Mountain-era Indian roaming at night.

“We are pleased and motivated to have these events that bring an economic influx for the city,” commented Mayor Carrillo, adding that the attendance exceeded expectations. “It has been a well-organized event for over 20 years, and we did what we could as a coordinated effort of all public safety, civil protection, the Red Cross, and public services.” 

Rocky Point Rally 2021
Festivities went on well into the night.

Saturday’s activities carried on well into the night, and the entire weekend was blessed with warm weather. As things wound down on Sunday, many riders stopped for a bike blessing on their way out of town. Promoters were pleased to report sizable donations to multiple charity organizations connected to the event and the absence of fatalities during the festivities. 

Make a run for the border November 10-13, 2022, when the RPR returns for another fun fiesta. More info at  


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