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For Staci Wilt, it all began with a Disney movie. “I was fascinated by dirtbikes as a kid,” Staci said, “but Disney’s Motocrossed movie lit the fire for everything two-wheeled for me. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t think a dirt bike was a good idea. They bought me a remote-control Ricky Carmichael toy for Christmas one year and told me, ‘there’s your dirtbike!’” Bummer! 

Fast forward 15 years and she began working for a Harley-Davidson dealership during college. Once again she “got the bug”, saving up every dollar to buy her first motorcycle at age 19.

While Wilt previously worked as the Marketing Director for six Harley Dealerships, today she focuses her energy and skills on Ride to Food. On the side she works freelance jobs in event production, marketing consulting and management, photography, video production, journalism and more. There’s a reason she calls herself “a lady of many helmets.” 

Ride to Food (, conceptualized somewhere on I-40 in Arkansas, was born in 2019. “I was on my way to Nashville during a two-week motorcycle trip and had no idea where to eat, what to see or what to do along the way. I felt most travel blogs weren’t geared towards motorcyclists – especially women – and I wanted to change that.” 

And she has changed that! Visit her website and you’ll find food and drink inspiration, destination information, reviews and tips and tricks to help you plan your own motorcycle adventure.

Her goal: “Through Ride to Food I hope to grow a community of adventure enthusiasts who want to put miles on their bikes and see everything this planet has to offer.” And she’d like to continue inspiring more women to get on two wheels. 

Staci celebrates mother nature with a ride through the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado on Trail Ridge Road. It’s the highest continuously paved road in North America.

For women who want to learn to ride, Staci recommends taking a class. “Don’t let your significant other or ‘bestie’ teach you,” she cautions. “Take a class and learn from a certified coach. And remember, practice makes perfect. You didn’t learn to write your name overnight and you’re not going to learn to ride overnight, either. The more you ride, the more comfortable you’ll be. And if you can ride the bike in the class, you can ride anything!” 

Learn more about Staci Wilt and Ride to Food: 

Instagram: @staciwilt // @ridetofood

Facebook: @staciwilt // @ridetofood

YouTube: RideToFood

— Joy Burgess 


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