Photos: Whitney Meza

Rider and moto-vlogger Whitney Meza did Sturgis for the first time aboard an Eagle Rider rental

Whitney Meza, who just received her official certification for completing her first Iron Butt (that’s 1,000 miles in a day), headed to Sturgis on her own despite the fact her husband ended up with Army orders that took him thousands of miles away.

“I’m thankful I still had the chance to do some things I set for myself this year and got to explore beautiful South Dakota on two wheels,” she said.

“I had countless opportunities to explore new places on two wheels,” Whitney said, “meet some amazing fellow riders, and gain so much confidence in myself as a rider. You can be an amazing mother and explore those places you’ve only written down on paper. Yes, it may take a bit of extra work to coordinate all schedules but let me tell you from first-hand experience it’s worth every second. And it makes those welcome homes that much sweeter.”

Riding the storied Needles Highway around Sturgis, SD. “I started the morning so nervous,” Whitney said. “Why? Because I’m renting a bike I’ve never ridden before – a 2019 Low Rider – from Eagle Rider. I’m riding roads I have never been on. I was overwhelmed with all the options on where to go first. At the end of the day…another check for pushing my limits and breaking down hesitations.”

Thunder Press will be publishing stories and photos submitted by readers throughout the month of September to celebrate the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


  1. Nice to read the short Sturgis reports from real people. And I have to say the photos in all of your issues are excellent. Keep up the high quality and the good work.


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