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Lord Drake Kustoms is calling on the motorcycle community to help in the fight against childhood cancer. The Lord Drake Kustoms team in Spain customized a Harley to be raffled off in the hopes of raising more funds for the Olivares Foundation. Read more in the press release below.

This is the “Harley Fundación Olivares” customized by Lord Drake Kustoms in Spain and it is perhaps the custom motorcycle with the most Soul, Magic and Heart that we have made to date. It will be raffled and all the funds raised will go to the Olivares Foundation (Malaga) dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

During the pandemic, at the hands of a mutual friend, Francisco Alí Manén (owner of LDK), he received a visit in his custom workshop and cafe racer in Malaga from Andrés Olivares (president of the Foundation); that he is also a huge fan of custom bikes.

At that meeting and after hearing the impressive work carried out by the Olivares Foundation in its fight against childhood cancer and the drama that many families face when a disease like this affects a child; Fran Manen decided to make a custom Harley so that the Foundation could raise funds to help affected children and families.

The base model chosen was a Harley Davidson XL 1200 Customs. This transformed Sportster should not be a cafe racer or scrambler, this custom motorcycle simply had to be a transformed motorcycle with a lot of soul, magic and heart; And what better way to do it than by representing the Foundation. That is why the color white and its colors have been used.

The number 558 of the custom made fenders represent the families that the foundation has helped since the beginning of its activity. (Only in the first 9 months of 2021 they have helped 100 families!)

The Cole Foster gas tank for Sportster, in addition to bearing the logos of the Olivares Foundation, bears the imprint of a child’s hand. This child is the son of Francisco Alí Manén… Alejandro, who despite being 9 years old was the one who had the idea and wanted to place his hand there to represent and give hope to all the children. The candy red color of the motor represents the strong hearts of all those children who are true fighters and are full of illusion despite being punished by a disease as bad as cancer.

This Harley Davidson customized by the entire Lord Drake Kustoms team in Spain, speaks for itself, so we are not going to go into technical details of how it has been made or what parts it has … We are simply going to ask you to buy many tickets for the draw … Because in addition to winning Soul, Magic and Heart, you will be able to win this beautiful motorcycle customized by Francisco Alí Manen and his entire team, which can be sent anywhere in the world.

All the funds raised in the raffle will go to the Foundation; So if you want to collaborate and participate in the raffle or want to have more information here we leave you the link:



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