Robert Pandya, owner of SpokesPeople LLC, a creative and PR agency that has listed Victory and Indian Motorcycle as major clients, has launched the Give A Shift initiative to “kickstart a (public) conversation about the future of motorcycling.” Give A Shift was announced in October 2017, and was followed by the first roundtable discussion held on November 16 in Long Beach, California, prior to the International Motorcycle Show.

In the announcement, Robert writes about GAS which is intended, in part, “… to start what is a difficult conversation about where the industry is heading, emerging U.S. markets, the shifts in product  mix, the seeming demise of the sportbike market, the rise of the sug-400 class, attracting millennials, ignoring Generation X, keeping Boomers engaged, changes in the publishing and enthusiast communications, the rapid emergence of alternate riding groups and events, existing national organizations’ opportunities to elevate the sport and other missed opportunities that a group of like-minded enthusiasts can collectively germinate.”

The Long Beach roundtable comprised 25 participants from various segments of the motorcycle industry. Subsequently, a report and analysis on recent motorcycle sales, a transcript of the meeting, and a summary report were produced and can be downloaded here:

An event announcing new programs and introducing some new faces to the industry will be held on Thursday, January 11, at Lucky Wheels Garage in Los Angeles. And a third meeting is planned in New York City in the springtime.

Are you concerned with the stagnation of the motorcycle industry? Do you want to get involved or offer ideas on how to make the industry healthy again? Contact “Mr. GAS” at


  1. Howdy – the Jan 11 event is not a round-table. But i do appreciate you posting the story. Please do correct that if you don’t mind.

    Jan 11 is announcing new programs and introducing some new faces to the industry.


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