The cross-country road trip will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Augusta and Adeline Van Buren’s famous motorcycle journey across the United States on 1915 “Indian motocycles” as they were called at the time.

The route loosely follows the Van Buren sisters’ 1916 route, primarily on the Lincoln Highway across the United States from New York to San Francisco. The Centennial ride will take place from July 3–23.

Singles, couples, women and men are all encouraged to join in, with the organizers promising “an epic ride and a plethora of new riding friends.”


Key towns on the route are hosting events at the following places: Brooklyn, New York; Springfield, Massachusetts; Pennsylvania; Pickerington, Ohio; Anamosa, Iowa; McCook, Nebraska; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Pikes Peak, Colorado; San Francisco, California.

Augusta and Adeline Van Buren broke the stereotypes of their time, proving women could do anything. In the words of Augusta, “Woman can if she will.”

Indian Motorcycle is proud to sponsor the ride and celebrate the increase in female riders. Funds raised during the ride will be donated to Final Salute, a national women’s veterans’ organization and The Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists who help provide motorcycle training.


“We are delighted that Indian Motorcycle has chosen to participate in the Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride,” says event organizer Alisa Clickenger. “Indian Motorcycle left an indelible mark not only on America’s transportation industry but also the defense of our country dating all the way back to World War I. Additionally, their importance to the Van Buren sisters’ history-making transcontinental journey makes them an ideal partner for us.”

Indian Motorcycle is also sponsoring select riders with the loan of a new 2016 model bike for the trip, including one for Robert Van Buren, the great nephew of the Van Buren Sisters, and one for Sarah “SeCCRet” Moreau, who will be riding from Los Angeles, inspired by her heroine Bessie Stringfield.

A full account of the Van Buren sisters’ journey is in the book Grace and Grit, written by Bill Murphy and published in 2012 by Arbutus Press.

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