Tacoma, Wash., Sep. 23—Last night, four Motorcycle Cannonball Run bikes and their support truck and trailer were stolen from the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington. The bikes were as follows (Number 54) 1919 Harley-Davidson J, (Number 73) 1926 Harley-Davidson JD, (Number 76) 1931 Harley-Davidson VL, (Number 99) 1928 Harley-Davidson JD. The truck is a dark grey 2001 Ford F250 with Motorcycle Cannonball Run logos on the front doors, and the trailer is a 16 foot enclosed grey trailer with 4 windows and a large Motorcycle Cannonball Run logo on the rear door.
License Plate numbers are as follows:
1919 Harley Davidson J (Mississippi Antique Plate): 9620

Stolen Cannonball 2

1926 Harley Davidson JD (Texas Antique Plate) BDKX4

Stolen Cannonball 3
1928 Harley Davidson JD (Texas Antique Plate) BFGV2

Stolen Cannonball 0
1931 Harley Davidson VL (Texas Antique Plate) BFGR3

Stolen Cannonball 1
2001 Ford F250 (Texas Plate) 89LBC7
2007 Doolittle Trailer (Texas Plate) 41968M
If seen, please contact Jon Neuman, 214.850.6910, numo@sagebrushcycle.com; Buck Carson, 936.239.6615, carsonclassicmotors@yahoo.com; David Lloyd, 901.277.7710, dlloyd@roadshowbmw.com; or Mike Carson, 281.705.5634, mwcarson3@yahoo.com.


  1. there must have been several trailers and such with this logo as I passed one this morning at about 7:30-8:00am near Whitehall Montana. Truck was a silver Toyota Tundra.


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