Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 25—The four antique motorcycles that were stolen in Tacoma after participating in the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run were recovered yesterday afternoon. They were discovered inside their trailer at the Port of Tacoma apparently in preparation for overseas shipment. The bikes, trailer and the support truck were all stolen during the night of Monday, September 22 in Tacoma. Authorities located the truck Tuesday night in nearby Auburn, Washington. These four bikes were a part of the Carson Classic Motors Texas Team that competed in the Cannonball. The team is still missing two spare engines, a 1928 JD (VIN 28JD1831) and a 1919 J (VIN L19A12738) along with numerous crates of spare parts, tools, luggage, and riding gear. If you have any information, please contact Buck Carson, 936.239.6615, carsonclassicmotors@yahoo.com.



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