The AFT series is doing things differently in Sturgis this year! Rather than racing on an oval racetrack, AFT will be running the 2024 race on a half-mile course that will run along Main Street and start and end at the Harley-Davidson Rally Point location. The circuit will be on a mix of dirt and pavement and will include a jump.

AFT Introduces Spirit of Sturgis TT

And to take advantage of the popularity of adventure bikes, AFT has added the new AdventureTrackers class to the inaugural Sturgis TT program on August 11. All bikes must have an engine displacing more than 1,000cc, and there are plenty to choose from:

BMW R 1250 GS, R 1300 GS; Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally 1158; Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250; Honda Africa Twin 1100; Kawasaki Versys 1000; KTM 1290 Super Adventure, 1390 Super Adventure; Suzuki V-Strom 1050; Triumph Tiger 1200; Yamaha Super Ténéré 1200.

Bryan Smith, AFT Series Director and former AFT series champion, tested a Harley-Davidson Pan America and several other adventure motorcycles as part of the development of the AdventureTrackers class rules.

In an effort to minimize costs, the class rules restrict significant modifications. All bikes must maintain the stock appearance and must weigh at least 480 lb. Front wheels must be 19 inches in diameter, and aftermarket rear wheels aren’t allowed.

Engine internals must remain stock, as must the airbox, intake funnels, throttle bodies, and exhaust headers. Racers can remove the catalytic converter and attach slip-on mufflers, but the exhaust sound cannot exceed 105 dB. The stock Engine Control Unit (ECU) must be retained, but software modifications or resistor-type devices may be used to disable ABS, traction control, and wheelie control.

AFT will be mandating a spec tire for the race, but the brand and model have not yet been released and will be published in an upcoming technical bulletin. More information about the rules package can be found at this link.

“Racing through the storied streets of Sturgis promises a spectacular new chapter in the city’s rich history in motorcycle racing, offering an unparalleled experience for fans and competitors,” said Gene Crouch, CEO of AMA Pro Racing, about the races that are free to attend.

We have no idea how this event will turn out or which bikes will be the mounts of choice, but one thing’s certain: These races will be thrilling to watch!


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