OK, apparently we’re not gonna get winter here in SoCal. Good for my riding, sucky for my garden and all the Central California spring crops. So far, I think there’s only been one ride cancelled all “winter” due to rain. It sure makes planning all the upcoming rides a lot easier. Hard to think “rides” when it’s raining… Speaking of rides, let’s get this thing going. Hope all you folks had an awesome ride to Daytona! Richard Hestlow, Mark and Tina Wingo and Ken Rich, thanks for letting me go vicariously with all your Facebook posts!… Now, how many of you are planning on the March/April big event, Arizona Bike Week? Looks like a spectacular time is planned by the coordinating dealerships, so I know lots of you are gonna get this great April THUNDER PRESS issue right there at the event!… Speaking of events, congrats to New York Myke on your March 1 Grand Opening for the all-new San Diego Harley-Davidson. Heard it through the grapevine that an awesome time was had by all the attendees!… My friend Cristy Pazera was babysitting the kids at a park up in Santa Cruz. Her little guy, Corvin, was scooting himself along on his wiggle car, the girls were rollerblading and a guy pulls up to the park on his Harley and walks through the park. Seeing little Corvin on his scooter, he says, “There’s a future biker!” and keeps walking, heading off to the restrooms. A few minutes later, he’s back at his bike and Corvin and the girls want to see what’s going on. Sadly, the girls quickly lost interest as he put on his helmet, but he turned around and saw that cute little boy still watching. He had a stuffed Mickey Mouse strapped to the front of his bike and, when he saw Corvin, he took it off, came over to the park fence and gave it him. He told my pal Cristy that every week he puts a new toy on his bike and gives it to whatever kid looks interested, and that he’s trying to teach kids that bikers aren’t all scary. He’s a THUNDER PRESS reader up in Colorado and Wyoming—so thanks for spreading the word, whoever you are! Trust me, your sweet deeds were noticed!… From Women Riders Now’s Genevieve Schmitt: The latest motorcycle ownership numbers, just released by the Motorcycle Industry Council, show female motorcycle owners rose to 12.5 percent, up from 10.5 percent in 2009. Of the approximately 27 million motorcycle riders, 6.7 million are women. For me, I like the numbers!… From Army Reserve Joe Leal: Joe tells me the Coachella Stagecoach Festival is looking for more than a few good men and women! They’re looking to staff a total of 500 guards for the Coachella/Stagecoach event. Accommodation is included, and three meals per day will be paid for (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You must have a valid I.D. It’s a three-weekend event, so while its temporary, it’s bound to be OK moolah. Contact them at moetai@insureprotective.com… Now, about those April birthdays—there’s a bunch of ’em, so let me be the first to start with a bunch of Happy Birthdays! Brian DeRoo out in the desert, have a fun day. Donna Cox down in Texas, hope your day is cooking! Rick Hustead, also out in the desert, have a fun one, too! And while I’m on those desert folk, Valley V-Twin’s own George Fetty (Mr. Halle Fetty, ha ha ha!) on the 10th, hope your day is a fun one; I know Halle will make it so!… Doug Whaley hope your April 17 birthday’s a memorable one. Same for Eric Thomas out at Palm Springs Harley-Davidson!… And Miss Denise Carey, a Harley-Davidson Rider’s Edge coach, hope your April 13 day is filled with good surprises! Gene Rose and Deb Singleton Rose, have a great day. Massoudi Jacqui Chandrasena and Denise Carey, RN, hope you guys have a good birthday. Dang, another bunch from out in the desert, Debby Mercer, April Donovan, Shelia Rose and Bud England—you all share April birthdays—hope they’re all you expect! Diane Balas, have a great April 16! Also best wishes to Jim Berg on his birthday, and Chandra Aldag, hope your day is great, too. Jo Alice Brooks, same for you, honey! Brenda Gibson and Butch Leach, you have yours on the very first of the month so here’s an early one for you!… Susie Jarvis, congrats on your boy moving back into your area—maybe now you can have some one-on-one grandson time. And Larry Jarvis, happy you finally were able to get your Achilles tendon fixed—you’ll be back up and riding in no time! Steve Broughton, thanks for the update on Sporty’s re-surgery; hope everything’s getting better… Joan and Steve Taylor and Mike and Marcia Reich, thanks for letting me enjoy your vacation on the European river cruise, via Facebook. So fun; trip of a lifetime, looks like you guys had an awesome time! Passover is celebrated on April 14 this year and Easter Sunday is the 22. Have a sweet day with your family and friends, everyone!… For those that have more days in the month than I do, Laughlin is on the 23–27, the Stagecoach Festival is on the 25–27 and the Coachella Music Festival is on 11–13 and 18–20. Dang! I’m sure there are a few of you out there that will manage it all. I have a job. This month… That’s it for April—see you all next month. Keep sending me your stuff, you know what I want! See you all in May—enjoy your ride!


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