I’m not a crazy fan of summer. OK, mostly I’m not a crazy fan of the heat. I actually love almost everything else about summer. Remember when we were kids and August was the winding down of summer? Now it’s just the middle. Now that I don’t have to dread the start of school, it’s just part of 4–5 months of hot. During that time though, we have lots of evening rides; lots of bike nights and plenty of music in the park. Not so much a good time for the breakfast and lunch rides, unless you’re heading to the beach or mountains, and even those have gotten fairly toasty of late. As I type, it’s 100 degrees up in my local mountains. Ouch for all those mountain residents that usually don’t require AC. But August also brings—Sturgis! Some of the coolest riding ever! Some desert, some heat, some hail—ya just never know what you’re gonna get for Sturgis. Looking forward to following my friends’ Sturgis trips via Facebook. Almost like I’m there—only I’m not getting hailed on. Really enjoyed Richard Hestlow and Jim Ferrand’s trip to Alaska. Followed their day to day goings on and really enjoyed the trip. The day it rained all day? Yep, glad I was here. But otherwise? Man oh man, you two looked like you were having an amazing trip! As for Sturgis, I know most of your favorite shops are bringing you get-ready specials. And my favorite, Valley V-Twin is no different. Sturgis special at VVT: Oil change with chrome filter and up to 4 quarts of synthetic oil $79.95, or regular oil $49.95–July 31 through August 10. This includes headlight to taillight inspection at no extra charge. So, just saying, if you’re already out there, make use of your time! And while I’m mentioning it, Valley V-Twin is still looking for a super-qualified tech! They really want George’s doppelganger, but there’s only one George, second best will have to do. But wait! There’s more! Valley V-Twin is hosting the Biker/Bike Blessing by Chaplain Bear (Black Sheep Harley-Davidson for Christ Motorcycle Ministry for 17 years) of the Roadhouse Biker Church. At Valley V-Twin 82780 Indio Blvd., Indio, California on August 29 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.—a perfect kick-off to your Sturgis trip!… August also brings some birthdays, and I’ve got a few. Let’s kick it off with Casey Isabelo in Honolulu, I’m sure every day there is happy, but make your birthday a special kind! And David Beach, hope your birthday is great. Here’s hoping you have a great day, Syd Levine. Dawn Low, hope you’re planning something special! Same goes for Mary Battin. Steve Mooney—you have a great day too! Jake Balmer enjoy your birthday too! And not exactly in my area, but I know you’ll get this Max Simmons of Australia, I know you will see this online, so happy birthday to you too! Michelle Kelly—no longer City of Indio—I know you’ve moved on to a great choice, even though you’ll be so missed. Congrats on the Riverside FD gig and happiest of birthdays! Jim Brazell, hope you’re planning a fun day. Same goes for retired (temporarily—because there’s no such thing as a retired DJ) DJ Ron “If it’s free I’ll take it” Young. And Tricia Fransdal—who is moving to the San Diego area, hope your birthday is wonderful! Chris Balmilero, you have a great day! Same to Bonnie Garcia (another new San Diego resident!) Mike “Gibby” Gibson, have fun! Jeff Beckman wherever you are, hope your birthday is fun. And to our own Kate Chickering, hope your birthday is loads of fun honey! Have a fun day Robert Hoff. And Charlie Murphy—what can I say? Hope you’re hanging in there my friend. Don’t see your face on Facebook any more. Miss it! And Joe Dubois, I know Sandi will make your day fun. Hope it finds you in your new house! Mark Cutter hope your birthday is fun. Bonnie Hestlow, I hope Richard is home to wish you a spectacular birthday. And Tina Wingo hope your birthday is super also! And to the CREW’s Sandee Berger have a sweet day honey! So nice hearing from my old friend Craig Denbow. It’s been years and super happy to hear from you! Who knew THUNDER PRESS could reunite old friends who’ve lost touch? That’s it for me this month; you know the routine—keep me posted on your favorite biker shop, friendly restaurant. And you know I’m always here for your birthdays and anniversaries too! See you all next month! Until then, enjoy your ride!


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