Well, January was pretty good almost up until the end. It was the kind of month that made everyone from other states want to jump whatever sub-freezing ship they were on and head out West. We got some cool rides in and hopefully our February rides will get as lucky, starting with ABATE Local 1’s 27th annual Polar Bear Ride on February 23. Sign in is at Big Jim’s at 8950 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Sun Valley. I gotta say, this is always a well-planned ride, so plan on going! Cost is $12 per person or $18 a couple. Go—you’ll have fun!… It was great hearing from Mary and Terry Wallgren last month; thanks for keeping me caught up on all the up-north doings, you two!… It’s been a few years, but it was so nice catching up with Veronica of Veronica’s Sewing. She had a couple helpers the day we chatted—Tony and Theresa. Veronica has been on the biker event circuit for as long as I can remember and, most days, that goes back quite a few years! I’ve always saved my patches for her expert sewing hand. I’m not too much for patches and pins anymore—god knows I have a boatload of ’em—but if one is actually jacket-worthy, Veronica’s my go-to gal!… Ladies, this is pretty cool: Damsels in Defense—Cathy Walter has classes in self-defense for the girls. Get hold of Cathy at www.mydamselpro.net or call and maybe make a group reservation for your LOC or whatever group. Her number is 714.329.4713… More on this later, but I want you guys to reserve some riding time for the Phoenix Bikefest April 4–6. This is going to be a huge free event put on by a lot of Harley dealers. Sponsors so far are: Superstition H-D, Arrowhead H-D, Buddy Stubbs H-D, Chandler H-D, Chester’s H-D, RideNow Powersports and Barry Caraway of CycleSports. The Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino is host to the event at its new festival grounds adjacent to the casino in Chandler, Arizona. I’m going to give a little more on this as info comes to me, but it looks like it has all the makings for a fun time and some sweet riding!… Hey, Jerry “Wooster” Schuster from the Nuggets, missed you at the two events we always chat at—hope everything’s cool in your world!… Cindy Gano, congrats on that new position with the State of California… Susie Jarvis, congrats to you, too, on your new position with Alta Vista Credit Union! Bet they’ll appreciate the heck out of your great personality and brains!… For you Brad Wilson fans, he’s got a show at Chukchansi Gold Resort January 31 and February 1… Diane Davis, VP at ABATE Local 19, thanks for all the info, girl; sorry we didn’t get to chat more at the toy run… Christine and Ron Vanyo, hope your second anniversary was wonderful; sorry I missed your (from all accounts) awesome New Year’s Eve bash. I swear, I had the best intents of going, but work kinda kicked my butt that day!… February’s got some birthdays in it, so get ready. If you’re out in the desert and your name is Peter Ramirez, Shannon Phillips or Mary Ewing, hope your day is great! Jake Cormier, hope your birthday is a fun one. Judy Johnson, you have a very awesome day too. Greg Kammerman, one of the start-up members of ABATE #19, hope your birthday is nothing but good times. I know they’re making snow up there for you, but maybe you’ll be thawed out enough to get in a birthday ride up there in Big Bear… Longtime PV H.O.G. member Barb Knight also enjoys a February birthday; have a great day, honey! If you decide to spend it in SoCal, please give me a call—I’d love to catch up. Also, happy birthdays to CREW members Marcia Reich, Ron Horn and Kathy Salerno. Kathy plans more cool rides, and if anyone deserves a sweet birthday it’s her! Oh, wait; Mark Wingo actually does plan almost as many rides as Kathy, so you both deserve an awesome ride for your birthdays! Out of all the birthday reminders I get, this is one of my favorites so far. Elwin Haddix of Ben Lomond, California, has been riding for 58 years. He bought his first Harley when he was 14. Elwin turns 71 on February 2. He’s afraid with his “advancing” age he might have to give up his kick-start bikes. Nah; I don’t think so, Elwin… And Ginni Weigand, I know you’ll be in Okinawa with your Marine husband—my nephew, Aaron Weigand—hope you see this somehow and have a great birthday!… Sandie DuBois, congrats on the new salon persona, Tangles! Everything looks fabulous, honey!… My sheriff friend Larry Jarvis is out on the injured list and has gotten into some very cool woodworking. His creations are worthy of serious recognition; now let’s find a place to sell ’em, Larry!… Susie Nellis, hope this finds you closer on your way to recovery, I know you have a long road ahead, keep it going, honey! Get back on Facebook so we can follow along with your recovery as much as we followed your trip out West before disaster struck! I get reports from Al, but we, your vicarious road-trip fans, want more!… That’s it for this month; see you all in March. You know what I want! Send me your “stuff”—biker-friendly shops, salons, restaurants, etc. See you out there—enjoy your ride!



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