Fourth of July kind of kicks off summer in my book—yeah, I know the first day of summer was June 21, but let’s face it, there’s really not much happening until then. Maybe when we were kids it started when school let out—these days, sadly, not so much. So officially I think summer should kick off with LaVerne’s Fourth of July Parade. LaVerne generously invites the Harley community to kick off their parade—and about 200 flag-waving Harley enthusiasts do just that! It’s a pretty big route (2.25 miles) down D Street to Bonita, across Third Street and back up, with 200 Harleys leading the parade. By the time you read this, it will more than likely be too late for you to join in the parade, but you can still go watch it. It’s lots of fun. Look for the parade route and line up early. It’s a great parade and it usually kicks off around 10:00 a.m. on the Fourth. Appreciate ABATE 19’s Jim Morrison, Jeff Bassler and Diane Davis for all the work they do organizing the bikes for this huge event… I also love Crestline’s Fourth—not so much for the Harleys (although there always plenty for the fun riding up in the mountains) but for Crestline and Lake Arrowhead’s fireworks displays over their lakes. Lots of fun to be had at both. The CREW’s Jim Farrand always throws a big pool party pot luck on the Fourth too—so, yay Jim!.. Along with the normal Fourth stuff, now that summer’s officially kicked off, we can also look forward to July’s Freedom Coalition Fest on July 29 at a new location in its ninth year. Look for the fest to kick off at 10:00 a.m. at Elks Festival Field in Garden Grove. Same great party—new location. Look for lots of great live music, kid-friendly events, a bike show and plenty of vendors. It’s possibly not too late to get hold of Flagman Frank Waldrop… Got a few birthday greetings—July is a little light on birthdays (I always count backwards to what else people were doing to occupy their time and I’m guessing all that Thanksgiving prep left women too exhausted to do the little things). So happy birthday to ABATE 19’s Sam Peterson! Hope your birthday is wonderful! Shana Duthie, hope someone shows you this! Happiest of birthdays, honey! Scott Jones, since you throw your own biker birthday party every year, I know you’re assured of it being a fun one this year. From the CREW happy birthday to Brian “Hoot” Gibson, hope your day is lots of good times, I know Ms. Brenda will make it so. Sharron Berry, also from the CREW, have lots of good times for this year’s birthday… Tangles Salon’s Sandi Dubois, have a great time on your birthday—same goes for your honey Joe Dubois—hopefully you’ll be very close to moving into your gorgeous new home. Bill Balas, hope your July 15 birthday is super! Tammy Farber—hope your birthday this year brings you someplace tropical!… Lisa Vadnais, hope your Florida birthday sees me wishing you the best!… Jay Hesselgrave, hope your birthday’s a cool one! Halle and George Fetty’s son, Andrew Fetty, has a birthday in July—hope it’s a good one! And while I’m wishing happy birthdays in your family, happiest of birthdays to the youngest member of the Valley V-Twin family, little one-year-old granddaughter Emily. Awww… Danny Cota, have a super fun birthday. Melissa Palomares, happiest of birthdays and anniversaries! Kelly Burns—you enjoy your birthday! Same goes for George Humphrey; hope yours is filled with fun and friends! David LaSarte, hope you have a fun day. Rich Mooty, you have a great day too! Shara Miller-Franco, hope your day is filled with the best. And while I’m wishing you a fun day, same goes for Rylee! John Ewing—hope your July birthday is super cool! Lee and Jacqui Chandrasena celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary in July—hope it’s a wonderful one, you two! Same goes for Christine (dedicated queen of the Pet Rescue Center in Coachella) and Mike Madruga who share anniversary dates with Lee and Jacqui. And George and Halle Fetty celebrate the anniversary of their first date (cute). Congrats to Valley V-Twin’s Ron Downing—hear your little girl Kaylee just graduated from middle school—let the high school years begin (yikes!). Krista Lee—congrats on finishing nursing school… Welcome back to the CREW, Kathy and Steve Considine! Nice to see you! Also thanks to Wes and Crystal Brooks and Kathy Salerno for the great Progressive Food Ride stops!… I’m sure I have more, but that appears to be the end of my list. Got anyone that needs some TLC? Send it to me! Your favorite biker hang—bring it on! A cool bike night somewhere that we all need to hear about—yes, please. That’s what I’m here for. Until next month—you all enjoy your ride!


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