Seems like summer’s been here since January, even though it doesn’t start till the 25th; heaven knows, there’s been a bunch of prime motorcycling weather. As I type this, however, it seems like fire season is already upon us too, and like summer, quite a few months early. But with this warm weather comes warm nights, so here’s some more bike nights for you to check out. Looking for something to do on Wednesday nights in Orange County? Here’s a few ideas for you: The Starting Gate, 5052 Katella Ave, in Los Alamitos 6:00–10:00 p.m.; Cook’s Corner, 19152 Santiago Canyon Road in Trabuco Canyon 6:30–11:00 p.m. but be careful riding out of there and, of course, remember one of my friends’ advice: one drink per wheel; and lastly, Beach Burger, 19102 Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach from 7:00 p.m. till?… I missed mentioning the Run for the Wall last month; hope all that went arrived back home safely. Halle at Valley V-Twin reminded me about it as they, and quite a few friends, hang banners over the 10 Freeway overpass and wave flags at the riders on their first leg of the ride… Cindy Gano sent me an update on this year’s Highway Workers Memorial Run. She tells me they had a great group this year (as always) with more than 100 bikes showing for the statewide event with no mishaps… For you Brad Wilson fans, you’ll have a chance to see him at the Redwood Run on June 13–15. Looks like a great lineup this year with a bunch of fun stuff planned. Check out www.kiwanisrwr.com for the rundown… From friend Jose Leal: The Department of Mental Health VALOR (Veteran And Loved Ones Recovery) and the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs will be hosting the inaugural “Bob Hope Patriotic Hall Veteran Resource Fair” on Thursday, June 19, located at the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall at 1816 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles… Are the newest Indians making you wish this time’s iteration of the marque’s going to be the one that takes? Check ’em out at San Diego Indian Motorcycle at 2400 Kettner Boulevard in San Diego, or give ’em a call at 619.446.0022 to see what’s good in stock!… I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t think I can ever give it enough cool press. SO Cal Trike Center in Northern San Diego has offered this for years: Free drunk rider pick-up service. When you feel unable to ride, call 800.649.4749 and they will pick up you and your motorcycle, trike, and/or sidecar and take you both safely home—free of charge. This service is offered to all motorcycle, trike, and/or sidecar riders in the North San Diego County area… Don’t forget the 20th annual Thunder on the Lot up in Lancaster on June 6. This is always a huge, exceptionally well-planned event. I highly recommend trying it out if you’ve never been… I’ve got a ton of birthday wishes for June, so here goes in no apparent order. Happy Birthdays to Jim Curtis, Jack Baker in New York, Patti Wright, George Ortiz, Richard Yount, Lamar Elliott and Lena Eylicio—hope your days are loads of fun. Yvonne Rodriguez, Rabbi Jet Bland, Rich Frazer and Frank Gillette, you guys all have fun and have a special day! Brian’s (from Valley V-Twin) fiance Nicole Abruscato is having a birthday; we know Brian will make it special! Tuck Broich, hope your day is great! Becky Stephens and Celina Humphrey, you have a special birthday too! Brea Cox in Tennessee and Sean Lynch, same goes to you on your June birthdays. Happy birthday to Trish O’Shea, Valley V-Twin’s newest family member, and also to their very own shop dog Kalele who turns 8. Happy Birthday to ABATE 19’s Pete Negrete. And a very special happy birthday to one of my very first Harley friends and mentor, Mike Gott! Miss you and Janie!… Happy 19th Anniversary to George and Halle Fetty on June 25!… Congrats to Rhonda and Rick Brogdon on the birth of cutie Sadie Kaye! Being grandparents is way more fun than parents—you get to sugar ’em up and ship ’em back!… With over a year since his accident, Sporty of ABATE Local 1 is still in and out of the hospital trying to recover from his injuries. Steve Broughton brought me up to date, so thanks for the info, Steve!… Also on the get-well list is Sharron Berry, recovering from a recent stroke. Take care of yourself, honey; we all love you and want to keep you around for many more years to come… That’s it for me for June. Remember to share Father’s Day with your dad, even though I imagine he’d much rather be left alone to ride his bike, but that’s just the way it goes. See you all next month; enjoy your ride!


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